Friday, September 26, 2008

Están Mejorando / They Feel Better

Anoche estuvimos en tensión nuevamente por que las dos niñas tenían fiebre. La verdad que me da pánico es la fiebre y cuando sentimos calientes a las niñas rápido les damos Advil. Ana Paola estuvo bastante inquieta durante la madrugada pero luego pudo dormir plácidamente.

Hoy se levantaron mejor y gracias a Dios ninguna tuvo fiebre. Ana Sofia ya estaba comiendo y jugando como siempre pero Ana Paola aún se siente mal. Ella continua tosiendo y con su gotereo nasal. Espero que pronto se recuperenpor que quiero verlas jugar y brincar como siempre.

Que pasen un lindo fin de semana.


Last night we were in tension again because the two girls had fever. What scares me is when fever shows up and when we feel the girls hot we give them Advil. Ana Paola was quite restless during the early morning but after a while she was able to sleep placidly.

Today they woke up feeling better and thanks to God there was no signs of fever. Ana Sofia started eating and playing as usual but Ana Paola still feels bad. She has a continuous cough and with a runny nose. I hope soon she'll be herself again. I want to see them to play and to jump as usual.

Have a nice weekend.

Affections Annie


4 under 4 said...

Hey there Annie! We were in Puerto Rico last April. We stayed right near the airport, at El San Juan. What a beautiful place. We loved our visit, and hope to return someday!! Your twins are so cute! Hope they are feeling better! We have had our share of illnesses here already!!! Have a good weekend!

Meaghan said...

Your girls are too cute!