Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cambio en el Diseño del Blog / Change on Blog Design

Como podrán ver en menos de una semana hemos realizado dos cambios en el diseño del blog. El que acabamos de hacer hoy es muy especial ya que marca la celebración del segundo cumpleaños de Ana Sofia y Ana Paola. Las niñas cumplen sus dos añitos el viernes 10 de octubre y la verdad es increíble que casi hayan pasado dos años. Les diré que las fotos que aparecen en el nuevo diseño fueron del primer añito de ellas.

Espero que les guste el nuevo diseño.


As you can see in less than one week we have done two changes on the design of our blog. This last one is very special since marks the celebration of the second birthday of Ana Sofia and Ana Paola. The girls will be two years old on Friday October 10th and the truth is that it's incredible that almost two years have passed . The photos that appear in the new design were of their first birthday.

I hope you like the new design.



The Myers Family said...

I think it's precious! WOW...2! Time sure does fly by so quickly! I can't even imagine my girls when they turn 2! What an exciting time. Ya'll have a wonderful exciting 2nd birthday! They are soo precious!

Harris Boys said...

happy early bday to your girls.

I'm sorry about your aunt. Breast Cancer is so scary, good luck with the walk this saturday!