Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tonterías / Foolishness

No importa el lugar en el que estes y cuán bien la estes pasando siempre y creánme, siempre hay un momento en que no encuentras que hacer. Así que cuando eso ocurre las tonterías se apoderan de tí y comienzas a jugar con tu cámara, disfruten nuestras payasadas.


It does not matter where you are and how good you are spending your time, there is always a moment in which you do not know what to do. So when this happens the foolishness gets you and you start to play with your camera, enjoy our funny faces.


(please zoom this photo to see my mom's face, haha)


Caroline said...

too funny!

Tamela said...

hahaha those are some great faces!!!

Christina said...

Haha. Nothing like a few funny faces to make you smile!

Jeremi said...

oh these made me laugh - -thank you for sharing : ) you and pablo look like you have so much fun together!!