Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cita del Dentista / Dentist Appointment

El martes todos tuvimos nuestra cita en el dentista para limpieza. Las niñas se portaron muy bien a pesar de la espera de dos horas y media para que nos atendieran. Ninguno tiene caries y por supuesto, ambas niñas recibieron su cepillo de dientes nuevo de princesas (ambas seleccionaron a Bella, pero no se asusten es de diferente color). Así que volveremos en seis meses.


On Tuesday we had our appointment with the dentist for a cleaning. The girls behaved very well in spite of the wait of two and a half hours for our turn. None has decay and of course, both girls received a new princesses' toothbrush (both selected Belle, but of different color). We will return in six months.



Mighty M said...

You seriously had a 2.5 hour wait??! That is waaaaaay too long. I am so glad they cooperated, the pictures are very cute. Hannah is going to the dentist for a field trip with her preschool class on Friday.

Raising Z said...

2 and a half hours?!?! That is crazy. I am so glad it went well despite that.

Jeremi said...

your girls are troopers! that's a long wait : )

girlytwins said...

wow! 2 1/2 hours. That is crazy. My girls would have been going nuts by then. Yea for a good visit besides the wait :)

Heather said...

Love their hair in these pics! So cute!