Thursday, January 20, 2011

Actividades con poco Presupuesto / Low Budget Activities

Como muchas de ustedes en nuestro hogar subsistimos con un solo ingreso así que es importante tener diferente ideas que nos lleven a realizar variadas actividades con poco o ningún gasto. Así que estás serán algunas de mis ideas para realizar los fines de semana o durante el mes.

1. Realizar una receta en familia para la cena.

2. Leer un libro de interés para todos.

3. Realizar un compartir con amigos en la casa (todos los asistentes traerán algo a la reunión)

4. Una noche de cine en la casa (con pop corn, dulces y refresco).

5. Crear diversos jardines en el patio (esto será durante varias ocasiones).

6. Tener un almuerzo o cena en el patio de su casa (esto lo hemos hecho varias veces y nos encanta).

7. Ir al parque.

8. Colocar la piscina muchas más veces.

9. Ir a la playa.

10. Asistir a algún festival de pueblo

Estas son algunas de mis ideas, más adelante compartiré otras con ustedes.


As many of you in our home we subsist with a single income so it is important to have different ideas of various activities with little or no expense. So these are some of my ideas to carry out during the weekends or durnig the month.

1. Making a recipe in family for dinner.

2. Reading a book of interest of all.

3. Sharing with friends in the house (all the assistants will bring something to the meeting)

4. A night of movies in the house (with pop corn, candies and soft drinks).

5. Creating diverse gardens in the patio (this will be during several occasions).

6. Having lunch or dinner in the patio (we have done this several times and we love it).

7. Going to the park.

8. Set up the pool more often.

9. Go to the beach.

10. Attending some out of town festival.

These are some of my ideas, further on I will share others with you.



Souza Sisters said...

I wish we could go to the beach! I will send you some snow if you send me some warm sunshine :)

Sarah said...

We have just started doing movie nights with the kids. They think it's awesome! I only wish we lived close to a beach.... another great idea! :)

Missy said...

Great ideas! I can not wait until the summer, we are excited about pool time.

The Smiths said...

Love all the low budget activities. We try to do alot of low budget activities as well...we frequent different parks. One has a racquetball court and a bike we can do lots at that park..all for free!

*LLUVIA* said...

Good ideas! My favorite is the lunch/dinner in the patio!!! So true! We only use it with BBQ's...I'm gonna try this more often as it gets warmer! Emma will love it too!

Malena said...

Yes, definitely. Most things that we do every day do not cost anything either. A lot of holidays coming up though.

Jeremi said...

good ideas annie -- there really are so many free or inexpensive family ideas when you start thinking creatively.

Mighty M said...

Great ideas!!

girlytwins said...

Great ideas, even with a 2 income family we need activities that aren't expensive :)