Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve

Nuestro último día del año 2010 comenzó a eso de las 10 de la mañana. Luego, mi mamá vino a visitarnos y estuvimos hablando un largooooo rato, también desayunamos en este interín. Después fue el momento de comenzar a limpiar la casa un poco, almorzar, preparar bizcochitos y salir hacia la casa de mis padres para la despedida de año.

Lo único que sigo lamentando es que aún estoy tosiendo (la peor de todos con el catarro fui yo) y el 2010 no se lo llevó (la tos y el catarro).


Our last day of the year 2010 started around 10 in the morning. Then, my mom came to visit us and we were talking for a while, and meanwhile we had breakfast. Later it was the time to start cleaning the house a little, to have lunch, to prepare biscuits and to leave to my parents' house to say goodbye to the year.

The only thing that I continue to regret is that I am still coughing (I was the the worst one of all of us with the cold) and 2010 did not took them with it (the cough and the cold).


Making cupcakes

Family pictures before leaving

The girls with my parents



With my mom

Having a great time with our friends

Our last picture of 2010 (whole family)


Steph said...

Now I know where the girls get their ability to seine a pose from...their mama! Such fun pictures! Happy New Year and hope the cough goes away soon.

Raising Z said...

What beautiful photos :) I love the one of you all in front of the tree! Happy New Year to you all.

Jill said...

Great pictures! Hope you feel better soon!

Malena said...

Did the girls stay up?
I didn't realize there was going to be early fire works in my town, my kids were sleeping and at 8:30 they put on a great show, but ah well, the kids missed it... My hubby & I stayed up past midnight for the first time since the kids were born, gaaaah, did my head hurt the next morning.
Happy New Year my friend! Let's have a healthy and happy one!

Jeremi said...

FUN night!!
great family shots, as usual : )
you're looking great annie -- and so is your beautiful family ....