Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mis Resoluciones y Proyectos para el 2011 / Resolutions and Projects for 2011

Mis resoluciones son:
1. Ahorrar dinero mensualmente (esto será un gran reto debido a que sólo tenemos un ingreso).
2. Viajar.
3. Comer más saludable y disminuir la Coca-cola.
4. Mantener un peso ideal.
5. Tener mi ingreso nuevamente.

Proyectos para mi casa:
1. Adquirir un juego de comedor nuevo.
2. Colocar la verja en el patio.
3. Pintar los cuartos.
4. Lámparas para la sala y el comedor.
5. Enseres para la cocina.
6. Reemplazar las puertas de los closets.
7. Pintar la casa por fuera.
8. Crear diversos jardines y colocar grama.
9. Transformar diversos espacios dentro de la casa de manera que parezca nuevo.

Lo primordial para lograr cada una de mis resoluciones y proyectos será mantenerme enfocada en ellas y colocarlas en un lugar visible donde pueda verlas todos los días. Mi plan es lograr todos los meses algo y con el favor de Dios, así será.

Y ¿tú que resoluciones o proyectos tienes para este nuevo año?


My resolutions are:
1. Saving money monthly (this will be a great challenge due to that we only have an income).
2. Travelling.
3. Eating healthier and to diminish the Coca-Cola.
4. Maintaining an ideal weight.
5. Having my income again.

Projects for my house:
1. Acquiring a new dining room set.
2. Placing an iron gate in the patio.
3. Painting the rooms.
4. Lamps for the livingroom and the dining room.
5. Household goods for the kitchen.
6. Replacing the doors of the closets.
7. Painting the house outside.
8. Creating diverse gardens and a new lawn.
9. Transforming diverse spaces inside the house so that they look new.

The fundamental thing to achieve each one of my resolutions and projects will be to maintain focused and to place them in a visible place where I can see them every day. My plan is to achieve every month something and with the favor of God, thus will be.

And ¿What resolutions or projects do you have for this new year?



Sarah said...

What a beautiful family you have! I will have to add your blog to my favorites... my mom teaches ESL and is able to speak Spanish and my husband is an assistant principal in a school where most students speak Spanish as their primary language so he is really trying to learn! He'll enjoy trying to read your blog in Spanish and then read the English below.
We live in Pennsylvania, but have been to PR a few times. It's a beautiful island! Happy New Year!

Tamela said...

I need a new dining room set too. Its so hard to find a good one for the right price these days!

Deanna said...

I like the way you listed specific projects for your house. I need to do that too, and decide what we will be able to do this year. THanks for the idea!

I am working on my 2011 post...hope to have it up soon! : )

Missy said...

Great resolutions!
You look great Annie! Wishing you successful resolutions

Jeremi said...

happy new year, annie!
your list looks so good --- i'm finally back online after having big computer problems. i have a list of small projects around the house that need to get done, then i am going to focus on getting school for ella and zoe figured out (kindergarten next year) and finally, my job (i go back next year too). i LOVE crossing things off the list : )
have a great day!

Mighty M said...

Good luck Annie! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, sorry I haven't been by in awhile!! :)