Tuesday, January 11, 2011

De Vuelta a la Rutina / Our Routine is Back

Luego de dos semanas y media de vacaciones hoy las niñas regresaron a la escuela lo que significa que estamos de vuelta a nuestra rutina escolar. Gracias a Dios y según ellas dijeron tuvieron un buen día aunque estaban un poco decepcionadas por que no utlizar los libros nuevos ni las libretas,jaja.

Sofia y Paola les deseo que tengan un gran semestre escolar repleto de mucho aprendizaje y cosas buenas.

Las amo


After two and a half weeks of holidays, today the girls returned to school which means that we are back to our school routine. Thanks to God and according to them they told us that they had a good day although they were a little disappointed because they did not use their new books neither the notebooks, jaja.

Sofia and Paola we hope that you have a great school semester of a lot of learning and good things.

Love you


Their first day for this semester


Missy said...

Those sweet students! I love that picture. Your girls are precious!

*To answer your question, I am not sure what I have planned for today yet. I know that we are cleaning up the new playroom (it is downstairs now). And I would love to do a craft with the girls if they are willing. Enjoy your day!

Mighty M said...

Their hair bows are so cute!! :)

Sarah said...

We were happy to get back to our regular routine around here too! Vacations are nice, but it's always nice to have things back to "normal".

Malena said...

It's nice to be back in the routine I agree, but we're loving our snow day today! :)

The Smiths said...

It does feel good to get back to your regular schedule. I am enjoying having our regular schedule back.

Have a great week, Annie.

Deanna said...

Lucky you being back on schedule! All during the Christmas holidays, my girls stayed up late and just generally got off schedule big time. I was glad for school to start back last week to get back in our routine, but just our luck...the snow has kept them out of school ALL week this week. I guess we will start over next week. : )

Raising Z said...

I LIVE for schedules and routines :) They look so cute!!!

Jill said...

I agree, holidays are nice but it is also very nice to get back into routine. Now you have the house to yourself again! Enjoy!

Jeremi said...

routines are so nice, aren't they : )

how are you annie? e and z had fun seeing your girls' photos in this post : )

have a super day!