Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Way Back When-esday

When the girls were little we had some pads on the floor and they loved to do this:


Definitely, they had a great time every day but Pablo and I didn't because we had to fix all their mess,haha.

Age: Almost one year (just five days until their first birthday)

Time: October 5, 2007

Playing along with Cheryl at Twinfatuation


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Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Your girls are almost exactly a year older than my son! His birthday is 10-11-07! I love the picture of the foam pieces on the head! But I totally understand about it not being fun to clean up! That's my biggest pet peeve about toys...the clean up!

Helene said...

Oh I remember those days...sitting there watching them having fun but then groaning when you realize you have a huge mess to clean up!!!

Love the new header...such adorable bathing beauties!

Jeremi said...

Isn't it fun to look back at those old pictures? I get VERY melancholy thinking about when my girls were little and all the simple (and silly) things they did that made me smile : ) Your two make me smile too, Annie. Beautiful and sweet -- like their Mama!

*LLUVIA* said...


I got two mats like this for Emma but hers haver circles and letters! All she does is try to eat them! xD

Steph said...

My girls would do the same thing at a friend's house who had those tiles. I always felt so bad because she had to fix it each time after we left!

Your girls look so cute. Love her hat!

Mighty M said...

Those big padded floor puzzles have always looked so fun!! :)