Friday, August 20, 2010

Día 19 / Day 19 30 Day Shred

Me siento frustrada con los ejercicios. Ayer me pesé y aparentemente aumenté otra libra, verdaderamente no se que ocurre, estoy siendo bastante moderada con la comida y hago ejercicios por lo menos 5 veces a la semana o tendré que cambiar la balanza.


I feel frustrated with the exercises. Yesterday I weighed myself and apparently I gained another pound, I truly do not know what is happening, I am being very moderate with the food and I do exercises at least 5 times each week or I will have to change the scale.


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Jeremi said...

How frustrating!! That's horrible when you work hard and are not seeing the results you had hoped to ..... I still think you look fantastic in your photos : )