Thursday, August 12, 2010

Día 13 / Day 13 30 Day Shred

En mi afán por establecer una rutina de ejercicios y mantenerla me ha llevado a realizar cambios en la hora de ejercitarme. Por ejemplo, comencé haciendo ejercicios en la tarde, luego a media mañana y ahora es casi al amanecer,jaja. Me explico, con el comienzo de clases y una nueva rutina en la casa hoy comencé a ejercitarme a las 6:00 a.m., ni yo misma puedo creer esto que hago.


PS: Aumenté una libra (148) de las tres que bajé la pasada semana.

In my eagerness of establishing a routine of exercises and to keep on doing them I have made some time changes. For example, I started doing the exercises in the afternoon, then in the mornings and now is almost at dawn, jaja. I'll explain, with the beginning of classes and a new routine in the house today I started to exercise at 6:00 am., I can not believe the things that I do.


PS: I gained a pound (148) from the three that I loss last week.


Mighty M said...

I think working out first thing in the am is a GREAT idea - get it done and over with. :)

Jeremi said...

I have SUCH a hard time doing a workout early in the morning, and if I do it it has to be SUPER early too so I'm done and cleaned up before my girls get up. But I agree with Might M, it is great to get it done and over with : )

Booooo on the 1 pound weight gain, that is so frustrating. I can gain a few pounds so easily but losing just a few takes FOREVER. Hang in there, you're on the right path : )

Christina said...

Good job for keeping it up! :)