Sunday, August 22, 2010

Día 20 / Day 20 30 Day Shred

Hoy decidí realizar el nivel 3 y por un momento pensé que me terminaría en el hospital,jaja. Es una recopilación de los ejercicios realizados en los niveles anteriores pero con la idea de querer matar a uno. Insisto Jillian, no eres mi persona favorita en estos momentos.


Today I decided to start on level 3 and for a moment I thought that I would finish in the hospital, ha ha. It is a collection of the exercises made on the previous levels but with the idea to kill you. I insist Jillian, you are not my favorite person in these moments.



Dorinda said...

Good for you! I think it's something I need to do once my girls go to school :) How is it having your girls gone for a few hours a day?

As for night training - I just wait till they're dry and then wean them from diapers to pull-ups to underwear - the pull-ups because they tell me for sure whether they are dry or not AND they are re-usable :) I know that's not hugely helpful but we've never woken the kids up to potty - they learn on their own. My girls are allowed to leave their room and go potty and then go back to bed and they very much enjoy (and overuse) that privilege!

Jeremi said...

Your posts about the 30Day Shred just crack me up : ) I am really proud of you though, to keep going like you are -- I bet your body is changing in ways you don't even notice yet : ) Keep it up!!!

My word verification for this comment is TWINS : )

Christina said...

LOL, I told you level 3 was hard!! ;)