Monday, August 16, 2010

Organización es la Clave / Organization is the KEY

Tener hijos en la escuela es como tener que asistir al trabajo. Mis niñas apenas llevan cuatro días en la escuela y yo me siento como si llevarán tres meses,jaja. Ahora mis días comienzan a las 6 de la mañana de manera que haga mis ejercicios temprano y me olvide de eso el resto de día. Todos los días hago una lista de las tareas que debo hacer y así no se me olvida nada y siempre me da resultado.

En el área de la comida he optado por cocinar bastante y luego congelar comida de manera que aquellos días en que el tiempo sea limitado solo tengo que descongelar la comida y listo.

En mi tiempo "libre" pienso pasar tiempo con mi mamá, ir de tiendas (algunas veces compraré algo pero, otras ir de "window shopping"), realizar los preparativos del cumpleaños de las niñas, manualidades, hacer algunas tareas en el hogar o simplemente no hacer nada, en fin, creo que ya encontre en que invertir ese tiempo. Pero, lo más importante es mantenerme organizada y enfocada de manera que no añada demasiadas tensiones a mi vida,jaja.

Que tengan una feliz semana.


Having children in school is like having job routine. My girls have barely been four days in school and I feel as if they have been going for three months, jaja. Now my days begin at 6 in the morning, this way I do my exercises early and forget about that the remainder of the day. Every day I do a list of the tasks that I should do and this way I'll make sure that I will not forgot anything and it always works for me.

In the food area I have opted for cooking enough and then freeze food so that on those days in which the time might be limited I only have to defrost the food and ready.

On my freetime I think to spend more time with my mom, to go shopping (some times I will buy something and others I'll just go for some window shopping), complete preparations for the girls' birthday, handicrafts, house shores or I'll simply won't do a thing, in short, I believe that I have already find ways to spend that time. But, the most important is to maintain organized and focused so that this won't add not too many tensions to my life, jaja.

Have a happy week.


PS: Thanks for the best wishes for my mom. We had a wonderful day.

Second day of school

Third day of school

Four day of school

(with their Physical Education uniform just for Friday)


Jeremi said...

I LOOOOOVE the school days pics of your girls, Annie!! So darling : )

You're right, being organized is key --- sounds like you have a solid plan in place. Glad to hear you're giving yourself some time too, and SO happy to see the big smiles on your girls' faces!!

Happy Monday!

Malena said...

Love the last photo of them in their PE outfits, so adorable! Hope they have another great week!

Casey's trio said...

Glad the girls are enjoying school and you are making the most of your time! Lists keep me organized too!

Mighty M said...

They are so cute in their outfits!! :)

Kimberly said...


They are absolutely adorable in their little uniforms!! I am so glad they like school and you are getting some free time!!


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Annie, your little students are precious! LOVE their uniforms...wish our school had them!

Have a great week, and belated greetings to your mom!

Sarah said...

Your girls are so cute! :)

The Smiths said...

You are doing fantastically!!

I can't wait for Kota to start week from today...I hope I can slip into the new schedule easily.

Jill said...

The girls look so cute in their school uniforms! I try to be organized makes life so much easier!

Helene said...

Look at how adorable they are!!!!!!

Yes, organization is definitely key! I couldn't agree with you more!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Love those sweet school pictures! Your girls are so precious!!!!

I am slacking in the organization dept. My goal is to set up a daily calendar for myself so I clean one day, doing laundry one day, etc. So things are done and not overlooked.