Monday, August 2, 2010

Día 6 / Day 6 30 Day Shred

Como ayer fue mi cumpleaños me tomé un día de descanso en mi rutina de ejercicios además, ya tenía suficiente carga emocional con los años que cumplí, jaja. Diariamente los ejercicios los estoy realizando en la tarde pero, hoy decidí hacer un cambio y hacer los ejercicios en la mañana tan pronto me levanté. No me fue mal pero, todavía tenía el dolor de espalda provocado por una mala noche de sueño.


Since yesterday was my birthday I took the day off from my exercises routine, besides I already had enough emotional load with the age situation, jaja. Every day the exercises I am doing are in the afternoon but, today I decided to make a change and do the exercises in the morning as soon as I got up from bed. It was not to bad but, I still had the back pain caused by a bad night of sleep.



Jeremi said...

you crack me up annie -- emotional from the age situation : )

was your back bothering you before you started exercising?

Jill said...

I exercise first thing in the morning before my kids are up. It means getting up pretty early but if I left it until later in the day I would NEVER do it.

Malena said...

Make sure you stretch, sometimes if I don't stretch my legs properly I get a back ache!

Also, I always work out in the morning too, and I don't eat anything until I'm done to make sure I burn some calories off my body rather than just the ones I would have just eaten. Does it make sense?

Keep up the good work! and hey, you look like you're in your early twenties - are you?! :)