Friday, August 6, 2010

Día 9 / Day 9 30 Day Shred

Unos minutos de ejercicios intensos pero que a su vez poco a poco están produciendo ciertos cambios en mí. Ciertamente la rutina de ejercicios en la mañana me gusta por que así tengo el resto de día para disfrutar de mis niñas.


Some minutes of intense exercises at the same time step by step they are producing certain changes in me. Certainly i like the routine of exercises in the morning because this way I have the rest of the day to enjoy my girls.



Jeremi said...

Great to hear you're seeing some changes after all your work!!

Christina said...

You will see changes, quickly!! Good job!

Caro said...

I started yoga, I think it's good for the body and the mind, keep it up girl.