Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cosas Favoritas de las Niñas / Favorite Things of The Girls

Sus cosas favoritas a los tres años y medio de edad son:
1. Colorear
2. Jugar a disfrazarse
3. Correr
4. Bailar
5. Jugar a las princesas (incluyendo al Rey (Pablo) y el castillo (la sala))
6. Realizar actividades escolares (ojalá que esto no cambie cuando ya lleven varios años en la escuela)
7. Adoran su clase de "Baby Fitness"
8. Usar la computadora (juegan a vestir las muñecas en
9. Hacer bizcochos y ayudar en la cocina
10. Jugar en el columpio
11. Hacer la casa "club"

En una nota aparte, quiero demostrarles la habilidad que Pablo tiene cuando de peinar a las niñas se refiere. Si observan las fotos notarán que ambas tienen dos moñitos pero que uno está más arriba que el otro,ja.


Their favorite things at the age of three and a half are:

1. Coloring

2. Playing dress up
3. Running

4. Dancing

5. Pretending to be princesses (including the King (Pablo) and the castle (the livingroom))

6. Doing school activities (I hope that this does not change when the time comes to really go to school)
7. They worship their Baby Fitness class
8. Using the computer (they play to dress dolls in

9. Doing biscuits and helping in the kitchen
10. Playing in the swings
11. Doing the club house

In a note aside, I want to show you the ability that Pablo has when he try to comb the girls. Look the photos and you'll see that both have two ponytails but one is further up than the other, ha.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Primera Sutura / First Suture

El día comenzó "normal". Primero las niñas se levantaron a las 5 a tomar leche luego regresaron a dormir. Alrededor de las 10 volvieron a levantarse y ya estamos hablando de las cosas que harían durante el día. Al rato ellas estaban jugando enano y gigante y de repente Paola va corriendo a jugar en la cocina y Sofia también quiso experimentar. Luego, el famoso llanto que uno sabe es por que ocurrió algo y efectivamente, allí estaba Sofia con la barbilla en sangre. De más está decir que finalizamos en la oficina del pediatra y ella con su primera sutura. Gracias a Dios no fue nada más grave por que el golpe fue contra la puerta de uno de los gabinetes de la cocina.


The day started "normal". First the girls woke up at 5 am to drink milk then they returned to sleep. Around 10 am they woke up again and were planning the things that we would do during the day. For a while they were playing dwarf and giant and suddenly Paola goes running to play at the kitchen and Sofia went after her. Then, the famous crying that one knows is because something occurred and of course there was Sofia with blood on her chin. Needless to say we end up visiting the pediatrician and she had her first suture. Thanks to God it was nothing serious because the blow was against the door of one of the kitchen cabinets.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Way Back When-esday

Playing with Cheryl at Twinfatuation

OMG, can you believe how skinny we look here!! Well, that was on our honeymoon

Time: July 1999

Place: Saint Croix


Corre / Run

Ambas niñas están totalmente adiestradas para ir al baño y nuestro gasto en la compra de pañales bajó considerablemente. Ellas usan pañales (en mi opinión son mucho más efectivos que los "pull ups" y además en el empaque vienen más en consideración a los "pull ups") para la siesta (que ya no son muchas), durante la noche y cuando salimos. Pero, no se alarmen por que las cosas han cambiado bastantes y ya ellas salen en sus panties,yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

Al principio era por cortos períodos de tiempo pero, poco a poco fue aumentando y aunque llevamos con nosotros los inodoros portátiles el domingo tuvimos nuestro primer acercamiento cara a cara con un inodoro público para ellas. Fue muy gracioso salir casi corriendo para llegar al baño a tiempo y tener que encontrarnos con que estaba en limpieza pues, entonces a correr al baño que ubica en el pasillo del centro comercial. Fue todo un acontecimiento y del que tuvo que participar y correr mi mamá también.

Ciertamente, esos pequeños detalles hacen cada día más placentero y aventurero nuestro rol de madres.


Both girls are completely trained to go to the potty and our expenses in the purchase of diapers has descended considerably. They use diapers (in my opinion are a lot better than the "pullups" and besides you get more for the sqame price") for the siesta (not to many of those lately), during the night and when we go out. But, do not be alarmed because things have changed and already they use their panties to go out, yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

At the beginning it was for short periods of time but little by little it's been improving and we carry the portable toilets. On Sunday we had our first confrontation face to face with a public toilet. It was very funny to start running to arrive to the store's bath (wally, of course) at time just to find out that they were cleaning them, so we had to run to the bath inside the mall. It was an event in which my mom had to participate too.

Certainly, those small details make our days more adventurous and feel happy about our role of mothers.


Pictures from Friday before Baby Fitness

Doing some job at home

She think is a great idea to ate her food on the potty (it was on our mini van)

Doing some job,ha!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Questions and Answers Part 2

Terri (Mighty M) ask- What is your favorite movie(s)? - I love comedy and romantic movies like The wedding planner, How to loose a guy in 10 days, Pretty Woman (classic). Also one of my favorite movies ever is Pursuit of Happiness.

Malena (private blog) ask - If you had had one boy or two boys instead of the girls, what would you have named them? - We had two choices Pablo Alejandro and Juan Pablo.

Unknown Mami ask - Do you have any recurring dreams? If so, what? Normally my dreams are about my girls or family but nothing recurring (most of the times I forgot what happens on my dreams,ha)

Jeremi (Ella and Zoe) ask - When did you learn English? Do your daughters speak both English and Spanish? - I learned english at school and watching movies in english. The girls know a few words in english and periodically we are going to keep teaching them at home and in school.

Hope everyone have a great week.


PS: Don't forget to ask more questions for next week (is the last one).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mommy and Me

Since Mother's Day is around the corner I want to do a special Mommy and Me this week. I'm going to dedicate it to my mom (who is the best of this world, sorry I know that some of you have wonderful moms but my mom is unique and special).

But I also have a picture of the girls with me

(they were not interested in posing for the picture of course, because the pop corn was more atractive, ha)

Share your moments with your kids at Mommy and Me hosted by Krystyn at Really are you serious?

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Hosted by Krystyn

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clima / Weather

El clima esta muy cambiante aquí. La pasada semana tuvimos varios días de lluvia pero, está semana es de puro calor. Sencillamente, el calor es horrible. Las niñas tienen un "rash" producto de la fiebre alta que han tenido desde los pasados días y que con el calor se les ha intensificado, pobres niñas. Ojalá que pronto hayan días frescos por que la verdad es que esto parece puro verano (no quiero ni pensar en los días de verano).

Les dejo con unas fotos de los pasados días.

Feliz Jueves


The climate is constantly changing here. Last week we had several days of rain but, this week is of pure heat. Simply, the heat is horrible. The girls have a "rash" product of the high fever that they had since some days ago and that combined with the heat has intensified my poor girls. I hope that soon there will be fresh days because the truth is that this seems pure summer (I do not want to think about how the days of summer will be).

Here some photos of these days.

Happy Thursday


PS: Do not forget to write questions for the following round on Monday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enfermas Otra Vez / Sick Again

Al parecer este año la tiene contra nosotros. No salimos de una enfermedad o condición para caer en la siguiente. Desde el sábado Sofia comenzó con fiebre y luego el domingo le siguió Paola. En estos momento están con antibióticos y a la espera de que a Paola se le quite un fuerte dolor de cabeza que dice le da para saber si se le hace un CT SCAN de la cabeza. En realidad nada muy placentero para mencionar. Esperemos que esta racha nos abandone pronto y nos permita pasar un tiempo tranquilos y felices.


PS: No olviden hacer sus preguntas para la siguiente ronda.

Apparently this year has it against us. Right after we got cured of illness, we fall into another one. Since Saturday Sofia began has been on and off with a faver and Paola fallowed up on Sunday. At these moment they are with antibiotics and hoping that Paola will get rid of a strong headache that she has. If not she must have a CT SCAN of her head to find out or rule out some questions. Nothing pleasant to mention. We hope that this gust of bad wind abandon us quick and permit us to have a happy and tranquil time.


PS: Do not forget to ask your questions for the following round

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Way Back When-esday

My babies at the swings for the first time.

Age: 8 months old
Time: June 2007
Playing along with Cheryl at Twinfatuation
PS: Don't forget to ask your questions for next Monday.

Disney On Ice - Nemo

We had a great time on Sunday. All the family went to Disney On Ice (Nemo Show), it was wonderful. The girls had a blast.

Happy Tuesday


Mr. Serious,ha

Monday, April 19, 2010

Questions and Answers Part 1

Terri @ Mighty M ask: Who taught you embroidery and how long have you done it?
While I worked as a teacher I saw how a friend of a coworker earned additional money doing embroidery, so I talked to Pablo about it. We did a search via Internet and acquired our machine. So step by step we learned how to use it and started our own bussiness.

We acquired the machine on February 2006 but, was not until 2007 that we were able to start doing some embroidery.

Steph @ Silly Precious Piggies ask: How did you and Pablo meet? We meet when I went with my mother to the bank where he works.
Any tips on time management? My clue is organization. Each day I plan in my mind what I wish to achieve that day, obviously there are days in which things do not happen like you wanted but I try(at times is a little difficult) to manage with the situation. For example, I love to enjoy some personal time before the girls wake up each morning. Is like my preparation for the day. Then, the morning elapses among the kitchen, cleaning and the girls. The afternoon is for the girls. Then it is time for Pablo with them and I complete some tasks that are pending. And the nights are to do some embroidery, to sew, to navigate the world of blogs and to speak and share some quality time with Pablo without interruptions, ha.

Malena (her blog is private) ask: Do you really not drink alcoholic beverages? If so, why not? No, I do not take alcoholic beverages because I do not like the flavor neither the ardor that produces in my body.

Were you and your sister as close growing up as you seem to be now? Yes, we are very close.

What did your father do as a profession before he retired? He never had a fixed employment so it is difficult to respond to that question.

Deanna @ It's a Crazy, Beautiful Life ask: What's your landscape like? Are you near the coast? I live in a coastal town but not near the beach. The most nearby beach is about a 5 minutes drive. The land is dry which does not facilitate our wishes to create a succesfull landscaping.

Jeremi @ Ella and Zoe ask: Where did you grow up? I grew up in a town call Yauco at the south of the Island.
How many siblings do you have? I have in total 4 sibblings (my father have 3 before us but we don't have much communication.
What does your husband do and how is his health? Hw works as a Compliance Officer in a credit union.
Up to now his chest pain has diminished but we still are uncertain of what happened. By now we are still visiting another health specialists to find some answers.

Raising Z @ Raising C and Lil'C ask: What would your perfect day look like? A perfect day for me is when my kids are in well behavior and we don't have any kind of stress during the day.

Here are all the answers to your questions, now is time for another round next Monday.

Have a great week.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Handwriting Tag

I was tagged by Raising C @ Raising C and Lil'C for this fun handwriting activity.

Here's the rules:
Write down the following, snap a pic and post it.

1. Name/ Blog Name
2. Right handed, left handed or both
3. Favorite letters to write
4. Least favorite letters to write
5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
6. Write in caps:
7. Favorite song lyrics
8. Tag 7 people
9. Any special note or drawing


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fotos / Pictures

Before we leave for Baby Fitness Class, picture time!!!!

Do not adjust your computer, they are using sunglasses at 9:00 p.m.

Happy Saturday

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mitad del Día / Half Day

  • Our day starts at 6:30 am with Sofia. Then, she go back to sleep for only 30 minutes when Paola wake up.
  • Later, say bye to Daddy (he needs to work).
  • It's puzzle time (sorry they have morning wild hair,ha).
  • Change her clothes.
  • Dress up time.
  • Breakfast time.
  • Play, play and play.
  • Help mommy with some cleaning.
  • Play with the computer.
  • Watch some t.v.
  • Play and run.
  • Paint.
  • Play with play - doh (and do some mess)
  • Lunch
  • Run and play (again)
  • Then, nap time (yeahhhhhhhhhhh) (sure they are sleeping because today is their Baby Fitness Class)
  • And me, well working hard with my computer and bloggyland,ha.
Have a wonderful weekend.