Friday, April 29, 2011

Momentos Especiales / Special Moments

Siempre he creído que el tener niñas es un privilegio que te permite admirar cosas que ciertamente para los chicos no son importantes. Es emocionante compartir una pedicura, manicura, peinados, sus coqueterías, en fin cosas que solo nosotras las mujeres disfrutamos. Ciertamente, hoy fue un día de esos en que el tener niñas fue sensacional ya que ellas se sentaron conmigo a ver la Boda Real. Yo recuerdo cuando Diana y Carlos se casaron y yo estar sentada junto a mi mamá disfrutando del evento, fue algo muy especial. Las bodas siempre han sido un evento muy importante para mí y las disfruto como si fueran mías. Fue curioso como mis niñas no solo vieron la boda por televisión sino que también disfrutaron cada foto que vieron en Internet. Obviamente, no podíamos terminar el día sin ver nuestro video de bodas, cuántos recuerdos revivimos y que mucho nos reímos con las ocurrencias de ellas.

Buen fin de semana.


I have always believed that having girls is a privilege that permits you to admire things that certainly for the boys are not important. It is exciting to share a pedicure, manicure, hairdos, being flirty, in short things that only we women enjoy. Certainly, today it was one of those days in which having girls was sensational since they sat down with me to see the Real Wedding. I remember when Diana and Carlos got married and I was seated next to my mom enjoying the event, something very special. Weddings have always been a very important event for me and I enjoy them as if they were mine. It was curious that my girls not only saw the wedding on tv but they also enjoyed each photo that they saw on the Internet. Obviously, we could not finish the day without watching our wedding video, how many memories were revived and we laugh with their occurrences.

Good weekend.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cosas Graciosas / Funny Things

No debo olvidar lo siguiente:

#1: Mami y ahora de qué color vas a orinar, rojo o amarillo (sí, asqueroso).

#2: El jugo de china viene de China, verdad mami.

#3: Mamá no uses por qué usas las cosas de mami (esto fue mientras mi mamá las cuidó el viernes).

#4: Mamá me dijo flaquita.

#5: Cuando yo crezca no me voy a casar, me voy a quedar con ustedes. (Paola)

#6: Mami, en que mes te casastes. Yo respondo en julio por que tú también te casarás en julio. No mami, yo me casaré en Diciembre.

#7: Nosotros: Les gustaría mudarse de aquí.
Ellas: Sí
Nosotros: ¿Porqué?
Ellas: Por que papi daña todo en casa y lo ensucia todo.

Pronto añadiré más cosas.


I should not forget the following thing:

#1: "Mommy and now what color are you going to urinate, red or yellow" (yes, filthy).

#2: "Orange juice comes from China, right mommy?".

#3: "Grandma, do not use mommy's things." (this was while my mom took care of them last Friday).

#4: "Grandma told me i'm thin."

#5: "When I grow up I am not getting married, I am going to stay with you." (Paola)

#6: "Mommy, in which month did you got married." I responded "In July why? Will you also want to get maried on July." " No mommy, I will det married in December."

#7: "Would you like to move from here." They said yes! I asked then why. "Because daddy breaks everything he touches a gets everything dirty".

Soon I will add more things.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pascuas / Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter day.

First: Breakfast at our home

Then the girls and I made easter treat bags for the party at my parents house.

Then, we made cupcakes and sandwiches

Pictures of the girls before we go to my parents' house

At my parents house

(Mr. Serious,haha!!!)


Our family picture!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Viernes / Friday

Fifth day of spring break

Things we did today:

* Breakfast (brunch): juice, ham and cheese sandwiches, coffee and wheat cereal.

* Watched Tangled ( I love that movie).

* Stayed calm all day.

* Lunch: left over from yesterday lunch.

* Went to church

* Play some dominoes.

Watching Tangled with my precious.

can you guess I like the movie?

Before church

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Easter!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jueves / Thrusday

Fourth day of spring break

Things we do:

* Breakfast: corn flakes

* Snacks: apple, grapes, cupcakes and ice cream

* Coloring is a big hit for them.

* Play and play

* Watch cartoons (just a little bit)

* Have fun with the computer

* Lunch: rice with peas and chicken breast parmesan.

* Happy because hubby is going to be with us the next couple of days.

* Errands

* Was a good day.

La Parguera

Crazy hair

Sofi took this picture

Now, is Pao's turn

Cute models!!!

Check how they are going to drive in a few years.