Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in Pictures: Part 1


First picture of the year (another first tradition)

Getting the grass for the camels

Three Kings Day


Valentine's Day

Queen and King of Hearts of PK

St. Patrick's Day at school

Mowed the yard with Daddy

Added some plants to our backyard




First Field Day

Mother's Day

PK Graduation

Celebrated Father's Day

Año 2011 / Year 2011: Part 2


Busy month with trips to the beach

We did a lot of baking


My Birthday

They started Kindergaten

Pablo's Birthday



On their actual birthday

We had their birthday party

Had a fun Halloween


Playdate at home with our neighbor

Checking their baby albumes for the first time


Flower girls

Breakfast on Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Navidad 2011 / Christmas 2011

Our tree

Excited girl!!!

yes, a lalaloopsy!!!

With their gifts

After that we had brunch.

We started a new tradition this year of exchange gifts. Each one received three gifts (one from each family member). We had lots of fun.

First my gifts

Sofia gave me a purse

Paola gave me a perfum

and Pablo a wallet

(sorry, blurry picture)

Pablo's gift from Sofia a long sleeve shirt

Paola gave him a cap

I gave him a wallet and a belt

The girls turned. Each girl received a piny pon doll from us and from their sister.

After all the fun we played a little bit, colored, painted, made puzzles and then got ready to visited my parents.

My parents house

My niece

My nephew

Concentrated with his gift

The girls with some of their gifts

Food and dessert

We had a great time with my family.


PS: Advent Calendar Day 25