Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random post of the week!!!

Is almost a month since we're back to school and believe me I'm exhausted. The first problem for me was that I my boss changed me from teaching second grade to fourth, fifth and sixth grade. All the changes were when I was on our trip and when we came it was one week before I started to work. That means I don't had time to check the curriculum or make lessons. I'm learning in the process and it's not my style.

Other thing is third grade, OMG, they did a lotttttt of workkkkkk every single day. The last two weekends we spend it at home just studying and working with the girls. Definitely, is going to be a long year.

Now we don't have any interesting thing to tell about our week.

Have a safe long weekend.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Epcot Day 7:

We enjoyed our time at Epcot. On this is particular day we meet some characters, ate ice cream, bought some gifts, and more.
Checked some pictures.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hollywood Studios Day 6:

On this particular day we concentrate our efforts to see Frozen Parade and fireworks, Fantasmic,  went to Indiana Jones show (amazing), and did a couple of other things we didn't saw.

Animal Kingdom Day 5:

We did the rapid river for the first time and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, as always our highlight of the day is the safari.
Our time at the park was amazing and we made memories.

Magic Kingdom Day 4:

Checking my posts.I realized that had more pictures from our Disney vacations.
Enjoy our trip.