Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fiesta de Retiro / Retirement Party

Ayer, festejamos el retiro de mi mamá. Ella estuvo bien emocionada y disfrutó mucho y sabrán que no lloró (bien hecho). De todos modos, ustedes quieren ver las fotos y no desean escucharme a mí, así que disfruten las fotos (después de este post hay otro debajo, esto es largoooooooooooo).

Feliz Jueves

My mom had a great time yesterday at her retirement party. She was so excited and didn't cry (good job). Anyway, all of you want to see the pictures so, go ahead and enjoy them (there is another post after this with more pictures, it is longgggggg).

Happy Thursday

The Decoration

Before she arrives

Uncle Dado, My Dad, Paola, Sofia, Cary and Omar (all family,ha)

Geraldo and Me (He is one of the Godfather's of the girls)

My mom arrives

The Program Starts

He is my Uncle Dado and the only brother of my mom that went to her retirement party (sad, I know)

Some pictures of her work during the past 30 years (sorry, they are from a slide show)

Receiving the Gifts, Party and Opening the gifts

Receiving gifts from co-workers

The Party

Every party has an end

Pablo and my Dad cleaning (having fun,ha)

Showing all the gifts she received

Ultimo Día de Trabajo De Mami / My Mom's Last Day of Work

Hoy fue el último día de trabajo de mami y por supuesto yo fuí a la escuela y saqué algunas fotos.

Que las disfruten

Today was the last day of work of my mom and of course I went to her school and took some pictures.

Enjoy it.

She wrote "fin" (the end) and draw an arrow pointing at today's date.

Closing the door of her classroom for the last time.

Here she is clocking out for the last time.

PS:Now, she is going to start a new chapter of her life. God bless you Mom and have fun.