Saturday, July 31, 2010

Día 5 / Day 5 30 Day Shred

Al ser sábado en mis planes no estaba hacer ejercicios pero un pequeño disgusto me llevó a desquitarme con los ejercicios, así que hice ejercicios. Hoy a mis porristas se unió Pablo y verdaderamente fue sensacional.

Lo mejor de todo es que en vez de calmarme con un chocolate lo hice con ejercicios, fenomenal.


It was Saturday and my plans did not included doing exercises but a small angry moment made me retaliate with the exercises, so I did exercises. Today my cheerleaders were joined by Pablo and truly was sensational.

The best of all is that instead of calming down with a chocolate I did it with exercises, phenomenal.


Día 4 / Day 4 Animal Kingdom

Ready to go to Animal Kingdom

(Sofia take this picture and Paola the other one)


Random pictures!!!

Funny pictures of the girls!!!!


Look at this big fish, can you imagine a meal with it,haha!!

At the train!!!!

My favorite part the safari

Last pictures before we go

Note: After we leave Sofia started to throw up.


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