Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cómo está todo? / How is everything?

Lamento, decirles que aún las cosas no han mejorado. Ayer martes, tuvimos que llevar a Paola a la Sala de Emergencias por que había comenzado a deshidratarse. Ella estuvo todo el tiempo acostada y no quería comer por que vomitaba, pobrecita.

Hoy, el día comenzó con todos muy cansados. Ambas niñas vomitaron durante la mañana y Sofia tuvo fiebre en dos ocasiones. Debo decir que durante la casi semana que llevamos con esto, el mapo y la lavadora son mis amigos inseparables (ya hasta el punto que los estoy detestando).

Ha eso de las 5:30 pm Paola, comenzó a tener ánimo y comió un poquito. Ojalá que estos próximos días sean diferentes.


Unfortunally I have to tell you that things have not improved. Yesterday (Tuesday), we had to take Paola to the ER because she was dehydrated. She was laying down all the time and did not want to eat, my poor baby.

Today, everyone is tired. Both girls vomited during the morning and Sofia had fever twice. I should say that during the almost a week that this has been happening, the mop and the washing machine are my inseparable friends (already to the point that I am detesting them).

Around 5:30 pm, Paola began to have a bit more energy and ate a little bit. I hope things improve on the next couple of days.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Recapitulando / Recap

Veamos que ha pasado en mi casa desde el pasado martes:

Martes - visita al cirujano con mi hermana para quitarle los puntos (es recién operada del busto). Luego, visita al pediatra debido a que Paola resultó alérgica a una picada de mosquito (un mega mosquito) que le creo una infección que parecía una bola.

Miércoles - llevamos a mi abuelita a su terapia de radiación.

Jueves - visita al dermatólogo para mi mamá y para mí. Antes de salir comenzó el episodio de vómitos con Sofia. Finalmente, terminamos en el pediatra nuevamente y el diagnóstico virus!!!!

Viernes - ortodoncista con mi sobrina. No hubo vómitos durante ese día para nadie así que las niñas fueron llevadas a su clase de "Baby Fitness". Al regreso, fiebre para Sofia y vómito en la madrugada.

Sábado - nuevamente más vómitos. Luego todo normal y recibiendo instrucciones del pediatra por teléfono. La tarde fue "normal" y aproveche el momento para desinfectar mi casa.

Domingo - Paola se levantó con gotereo nasal y cero vómitos para Sofia. Decidimos ir al festival de la Ballena y pasamos un buen rato en familia. Ya en la madrugada Paola tenía tos y vómito un poquito. Pablo y yo solo dormimos un par de horas y terminamos durmiendo todos en una misma cama.

Lunes - solo gotereo nasal para ambas niñas y las cosas parecen estar volviéndose "normales" otra vez. Fuimos de compras con mi mamá y tuvimos un buen día.

Tan solo esperamos que las cosas hayan terminado allí y que los próximos días sean tranquilos y libre de enfermedades.


Let's recap what has happened at home since last Tuesday:

Tuesday - accompanied my sister to her appointment with the surgeon to remove her stitches(she recently had a bust operation). Then, a visit to the pediatrician because Paola turned out to be allergic to a mosquito bite (a mega mosquito) that gave her an infection that looked like a ball.

Wednesday - we took my grandmother to her radiation therapy.

Thursday - my mom and I visited the dermatologist. Before leaving Sofia's vomiting episode started. We end up visiting the pediatrician again and the diagnostic was the nasty virus! !!!

Friday - visited my niece's orthodontist. There was no signs of illness, so we took the girls to their weekly class of "Baby Fitness". When we returned Sofia had a little fever and vomiting in the early morning.

Saturday - more vomitings, then all normal we receiving instructions from the pediatrician by telephone. The afternoon was "normal" so I took advantage of the moment to disinfect the house.

Sunday - Paola woke up with a runny nose and zero vomitings for Sofia. We decide to go to the Whale festival and had a good time with the entire family. In the early morning Paola had some cough and a little bit of vomiting. Pablo and I could just sleep for a couple of hours and we end up sleeping all in the same bed.

Monday - justa a runny nose for both girls and things seem to be returning to "normal" again. We went shopping with my mom and had a good day.

We just hope that it just ends up here and in the next days we can be tranquil and free of illnesses.


Festival de la Ballena / Whale Festival

First time at rides!!!!!!! And they love it!

PS: Sorry, the only thing you are not going to see is a whale, they decided that when the festival is near they stay inside the ocean,ha!!
Have a nice week

Thursday, March 25, 2010


El primer virus de vómitos llegó a mi casa. Por supuesto no es nada de lo que este feliz pero, así es la vida y no pudimos escaparnos. Hasta el momento (toco madera) solo lo tiene Sofia. La pobre niña estuvo todo el día sin comer y en todo el día solo vómito y vómito. La mejor noticia pero, que a mí no me agrado mucho es que el Dr. dijo que cualquiera de nosotros podía pasar por lo mismo dentro de las próximas horas o en un plazo de 2 a 3 días,noooooooooooooooooooooo.

Ojalá que pase todo y que no haya nadie más con el virus aquí.


The first vomiting virus has arrived at my house. Of course is nothing that makes me happy but, thus is life and we could not escapefrom it. Up to now it's just Sofia. The poor girl went all day without eating and all day vomiting and vomiting. The best news, but it does not please me, is that the doctor said that any of us could get the same thing in the next hours or in about 2 to 3 days, noooooooooooooooooooooo.

I hope it ends quick and no one else get the virus here.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fotos de la Semana Pasada / Pictures from Last Week

Last Monday

Sofia took the picture

Paola took this one. (OMG, I look like a whale,ha)

Last Thursday
They practiced cutting on the border line.
Healthy snack for Paola,ha!
Little drivers

Last Friday
Before we went to Baby Fitness


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wordful Wednesday and Way Back When-esday

Who can resist to those cute faces? Not me, of course.

Playing with Angie at Seven Clown Circus


My cute girls with their first "bikini",haha!!!

Age: 8 months old

Time: June 2007

Playing with Cheryl at Twinfatuation


Monday, March 22, 2010

Más Fotos del Zoológico / More Pictures from the Zoo


Lunes y Resultado del "Giveaway" / Monday and Giveaway Winner

Después de un fin de semana tan ajetreado (sábado la feria agrícola (vean las fotos) y domingo el zoológico) pues el lunes es para trabajar en la casa. Veamos que cosas hemos hecho: un poco de limpieza aquí y allá, podar las plantas, pintarme el pelo (bueno eso lo hizo Pablo, recuerden que él es mi aplicador de color, ja), lavar ropa, doblar y guardar la ropa (que tarea más fastidiosa). Hasta el momento solo eso, un poquito nada más verdad. Todo esto mientras ponía en práctica mi talento para el canto (dicho sea de paso es NINGUNO, pero nada más emocionante que limpiar escuchando música). Mientras mis niñas decidieron irse con mi mamá para su casa lo que facilitó las tareas del día por que no hay pequeñas traviesas por el medio, ja.


After a hectic weekend (Saturday we went to the agricultural show (see the photos) and Sunday the zoo) therefore Monday is to work at home. Let's review the things we have done: a little cleaning here and there, trimming the plants, color my hair (well Pablo did it, remember that he is my color applicator, ha), laundry, folding and storing clothes (the most annoying task). Up to now that's all. All this while I put in practice my talent for singing (which is NONE, but is fun to clean and listen to music). While my girls decided to go with my mom to her house which made our tasks of the day a bit easier because there is no small mischievous little ones on the way, ha.


PS: The Winner of CSN Giveaway is:

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Viaje al Zoológico / Zoo Trip

More pictures tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week.