Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Recap!!

Well, is almost the last day of June and here I am with another recap. The truth is that the last two weeks we stayed home most of the time. Sometimes I cleaned the house, sometimes played Emoji Blitz (cool game), ate, ate and ate, watched t.v. and sometimes did nothing. That's the way my summer vacations are for, doing nothing. 

I feel anxious when my house is dirty, need to fold clothes, cook, and the list is endless. So, I want to feel free. Yes, I have lots of work to do at home and just have four more weeks of summer vacations but I need to feel relax, enjoy life and that is exactly what I'm doing.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekend recap!!!!!!!!

We had a wonderful weekend. Let me recap it for all of you:

Friday night we went to the Puerto Rico's International Folk Fest. We received the visit from other countries. They dance and talked about their culture. It was amazing.

Saturday: The girls Godfather came home to visited. He decided we might go out to play golf so, that was what we did. Things we did: played golf, went to Macaroni and Grill for dinner, went to the movies to enjoyed Wonder Woman, went to Crispy kreme and finally home.

Sunday: stayed home and ran some errands at Wal-Mart.

Basically that was our weekend. It includes a variety of activities.



Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wednesday and Thursday!!!!


* full day at home relax
* we slept in
* cooked
* and stayed on bed all day long


* slept in
* had brunch
* cleaned the girls closet and put away some clothes
* cleaned their drawers
* made lasagna, rice and bread YUMMY

That's it!! Nothing else!!!


PS: Tomorrow we are going to see a performance so stayed tuned for pictures.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Yesterday the girls and I went to the beach with my co-workers. It was a wonderful sunny day. Yanira was the master of the BBQ. She grilled hamburgers, pork, hot dogs and chicken, so yummy.

Now, we are planning our next trip to the beach, a park or whatever we just want to have lots of fun.

Part of the group

 Yanira (secretary) and the music teacher
 With my friend Lisvette
 Again with Galarza (music teacher) and Olan (she is the second grade teacher)
 My girls with their friend Mia (Lisvette is her mother)
 Hanging at the beach

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sunday fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we were supposed to meet the girls Godfather but he didn't feel good so, Pablo and I decided to had a plan B. After ate breakfast was time to showers and going out. Here is guy who is painting our flag on each town. So, it was a great moment to went on a field trip.

We visited 7 towns and had lots of fun. Check the photos!!! Now we have to visit the other 31 flags around our island.

 Juana Diaz

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Specialized School in Fine Arts!!


June 2:

* I stayed home all day with the girls.
* Sofia received her admission letter to go in August to the Specialized School in Fine Arts. She is going to be in the dance program. We are so proud of her. She loves to dance and it's going to be a great experience.
* We went to Wal-Mart
* Pablo and I saw a couple of programs at HGTV while the girls played in our bedroom.

June 3:
* We slept in (the best thing of vacations)
* Paola received her denied admission letter of the Specialized School in Fine Arts. I cried a lot because that means they are going to be on separate schools and in different towns. We don't know what to do because Sofia loves to dance and is her dream to go to that school but Paola acts like she don't care about the school decision but they agree that want to graduate at the same school together. Also, we have our concerns because we have to leave Sofia one hour early at school before she starts it because we only have one car and I need to be at school before 7:15 . We have to think in so many things before August.
* Together we cleaned most of the house.

Tomorrow the girls will receive their Godfather visit and they didn't know about it so, is going to be so much to see their happy faces.


Thursday, June 1, 2017


Today was my official first day of vacation and for the girls because they finished last week they had to go with me to school every day.

AS a normal rule at our home, the first day of vacation is for be relax. Pablo has to work so it was the girls and me. We slept in, watched some (lots) tv shows, I did a pedicure for each girl and that was our day.

Definitely, it was a wonderful and relax day.