Sunday, November 30, 2014

Amazing School Break!!!!!

We were out from school since  mid morning last Wednesday. It was amazing no thinking about getting up early, I mean very early each morning.

Let's recap what we do during the last days:

* Wednesday (afternoon): Stayed home. Around six o'clock my mom picked the girls and went to the movies. They saw Penguins and love it.

* Thursday (Thanksgiving): We watched the Macy's Parade and made our traditional breakfast. By mid afternoon we went to my parents house and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

* Friday: Pablo has worked and the girls went to my mother house and spend the afternoon with her. They also helped her with her christmas tree.

* Saturday: Pablo has worked. We had a "date" because the girls had a practice at their modeling agency. After that we went to Pizza Hut and bought some things.

* Sunday: Did some cleaning, later we had dinner and went to the movies to see Big Hero 6. It was a great movie.

That was our long weekend. Now, let's the starts our countdown to our Christmas break.


Modeling at Old Navy!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Day!!!

Our day was awesome!!! We slept in, watched the parade and had our traditional breakfast as a family of four. I love to make memories of our own. After that we did some turkey crafts and watched Frozen (is like a billion times we saw it, but we love it).

For dinner we went to my parents house. The food was delicious. 
We had rice, roasted turkey (yummy), potato salad and bananas. For dessert we had pumpkin pie, another pumpkin dessert and cheese dessert, everything was amazing. 

Here is the set up of the table.

With my mom

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014!!!!

We celebrated our country and represent different towns. My town was Lajas and we know it as the pineapple place. So, I decorated my station with pineapples. We used typical costumes and had a great time.
Also, I added some pictures of my princesses. They danced with their group and sing.with the choirs. We are proud parents.
Enjoy the pictures.

My pavillion

My beautiful princessess with their town outfits.
Check the balloon pineapple, so cute!!
The girls dancing with their group.
Ready to sing. Check their choir uniform

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey Race 2014!!!

We had an amazing morning today at school. Sofia and Paola enjoyed it and like last year they got first and second place. Sofia won a turkey and Paola won a basket with fruits.

God bless them!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Almost fall break!!!

Is almost fall break here. Of course, we are counting the hours to be relax. Tomorrow is "turkey race" at school and when we finish everything we go home. After the break or a four and a half days off  the countdown begin for Christmas vacations, yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last Tuesday in pictures!!!

Tuesday before the parade!

Those "jibaritos" were made by me and co-worker. We spend three days painting them.
The "jibaritos" were added to the front door of our church.

Sofia's face made me laugh! 
My princessess with Gabriella (she is the daughter of my co-worker)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Puertorrican Week!!!

Here I am again with another recap but at least we did lots of activities.

Monday: busy day at school. We had traditional games and all the students enjoyed it.

Tuesday: we were dismissed by noon because at 6:00 we had a parade and after it mass.

Wednesday: it was a holiday and we don't had school so we slept in, well Pablo and the girls because I woke up at 7 o'clock.

Thursday: longgggg day at work. I had to finish all my decorations and stuff for the next day. I ended my day at work at 9 o'clock (night) believe me a very, very long day.

Friday: it was show time. We celebrated the end of puertorrican week. Each group had to represent a town and did all about their history and culture. My town was Lajas. We got a second place. After our day ended at three we had a little baby shower for one of my co-workers and after that we went to decorated a little place in front of my school with Christmas lights and decorations.

Saturday: well today the girls had a fashion show at old navy. They did a wonderful job.

Now, that was our week well our longgggggggg week. I'm exhausted, tired and need to sleep at for two days in a row.


I will post pictures tomorrow..

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So busy!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that another week passed since my last post. So let's recap (again) our week.
1. We are so busy with modeling classes again. The girls are practicing for a Christmas parade and for a big event in February.
2. This week is Puertorrican Week at school so, I'm really busy recreating a town near us. So much work but believe me is a huge week with celebrations.
3. No Christmas decorations yet, because of all the work I have.

To much work and less time to write.

Did I mention that we are on the countdown to Christmas???????????? Yay me!!!!!!!!!!! I love Christmas!!!!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our week!!!!

November is a busy month at school. On November 21, we are going to celebrate  Puerto Rico history. So, my coworkers and I are working hard with culture things.
Let's recap our week!
Monday: "normal day at"
Tuesday: my sixth grade students and I had a trip to one of our towns. It was an exhausted day.
Wednesday: it was a rainy day and most of the students stayed at home.
Thursday: "normal day"
Friday: we received just thirteen students because of the rain. But, us had to worked all day no matter our street was flooded and no matter the government cancelled school and work for the day. The weather was really bad.

In addition, we were supposed to had an open house but, thanks to the weather they cancelled it.

We are so tired cause our weekend started both days at 6:30 am, ughhh!!! I need vacations!!!! And all in all, Tuesday is veteran's day and I have work and next week is another holiday and we have to work, too.

Anyway, that was our busy and boring week and weekend.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend recap!!!

Oh yes, is one week since my last post and here I am with another weekend recap. We were busy with school work but thanks God, our weekend was good.
Friday: we went trick-or-treating. We had a witch and a princess, well of course, it was Anna from Arendelle. Our neighborhood was really quiet and maybe they received candy from maybe five houses. But, we had a great time with our neighbors and spend two hours chatting.
Saturday: we did nothing at home and later we went to the mall.
Sunday: we stayed home cleaning and studying.
Today was a nice day at work. Around six o'clock started raining.
Tomorrow I'm going to have a quick trip to a pineapple farm so, I'm so excited. Pictures to come.
Halloween Day!!!

Breast cancer activity!!