Saturday, June 30, 2012

Junio / June Recap

Playground at Burger King

Beach birthday party
(for a friend of school. boy with blue shirt)

At the beach  Paola was stung by a jellyfish. There was a lot of crying and the arm was red but then, was normalized. Thanks to God, she was not allergic. 

After the party we went home took showers and headed to New York Pizza, yummy.
Love her pose!!! (she was speaking with my mom)

Continue reading, please (June recap).

El mes de junio fue maravilloso para nosotros ya que disfrutamos mucho en familia.


Actividades gratis:

* Parque de Lajas
* Parque de Sabana Grande
* Parque Wito Morales
* Urban Park
* Playa 4 veces
* Piscina en nuestra casa
* Faro de Rincón
* Visita a la Guancha
* Visitamos dos santuarios
* La Parguera
* Boquerón

Lugares pagando:

* Zoológico
* Tibes
* Cine (Madagascar y Brave)


* Fuimos a una fiesta de cumpleaños
* Pagamos una matrícula de la escuela
* Pintamos el family
* Lavamos las ventanas de los tres dormitorios y el baño
* Fiesta de graduación de las nenas
* Cita en el oftalmólogo (nenas)


We had a wonderful month with lots of fun and family time. Let's see what we did during the month:

Free activities:

* Parks (4 different parks)
* Pool
* Beach
* Lighthouse (2)
* Places near the beach (2)
* Religious places (2)

Paying things:

* Zoo
* Movies (Madagascar and  Brave)
* Tibes

Other things we do:

* Went to a birthday party
* Paint the family room
* Paid one fee at school
* Clean the windows in all bedrooms and bathroom
* Graduation party
* Eye Dr. appointment (for the girls)


Friday, June 29, 2012

Jueves y Viernes / Thursday and Friday

Ayer fue el primer día de trabajo de Pablo así que nosotras estuvimos solas todo el día. No puedo quejarme por que ambos días fueron muy buenos.

Jueves: Las niñas jugaron, pelearon (sí lo normal en un día), vieron sus muñequitos favoritos y comieron y comieron (yo no sé por qué mientras están en la casa comen tanto, ja). Mientras yo cociné, organicé el closet y las gavetas de su gavetero, revisé que cosas sirven para el próximo año escolar y barrí la casa.

Viernes: Mi mamá vino temprano a visitarme y estuvimos hablando mucho tiempo. En la tarde yo lavé ropa y comencé la búsqueda de ideas para el cumpleaños de las niñas. Mientras mis niñas hicieron básicamente lo mismo de ayer. Cuando Pablo salió de trabajar nos busco para ir a hacer algunas diligencias.

Estamos listos para disfrutar el fin de semana.


Yesterday was the first day of work of  Pablo so we were alone all day.  I cannot complain because both days were very good.

Thursday:  The girls played, they fought (yes the normal thing in a day), they saw their favorite cartoons, did some coloring and ate and ate all day (I don't know why while they are in the house they eat so much, ha).  While I cooked, organized their closet and drawers, I also check the things that we can reuse for the next school year oh and I also swept the house. 

Friday:  My mom came early to visit me and we were speaking a lot of time.  In the afternoon I washed clothes and began the search of ideas for the girls birthday party.  Meanwhile, my girls did basically the same thing of yesterday.  When Pablo left of work we went to ran some errands. 

We are ready to enjoy the weekend. 


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mid Week Pictures

It was a busy day cleaning the house and organizing the hall closet. The girls cleaned their bedroom (with Daddy's helped) including the windows.
After that, they requested for a pool time.

We headed to the girls school and later when to run scooters and enjoyed a delicious cake ice cream, yummy. We also had an interview with a model for modeling classes for the girls.
We went to a near town and had lots of fun checking the view, the huge fishes and playing the playground. After that, we headed to the mall and ate. Do some window shopping around the mall and then headed to Wal-Mart for some groceries.

At the lighthouse (it was so windy)
little fish (ha)
Walking to the beach
Playground (more pictures to come)
At the mall
At Wal-Mart

Today was Pablo last day of vacations. We just took it easy. We went to two religious places one is in our town and the other one is like 30 minutes far away.

First place at our town
We spend one hour here and later we went to ate pizza
Second place
Schoenstatt in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
We had a great together and enjoyed Pablo's vacations. Is so sad that he have to go back to work but now we are planning fun things to do during the weekend.


PS: More pictures to come from these dates.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ABC's about me

A is for age: 3?

B is for breakfast today: bread, half egg and coffee

C is for currently craving: chocolate

D is for dinner tonight: chicken breasts with fries

E is for favorite type of exercise: 30 Day Shred (Jillian Michaels)

F is for irrational fear: Rats

G is for gross food: octopus

H is for hometown: Southern, PR

I is for something important: Family

J is for current favorite jam: mixed fruits

K is for kids: Sofia and Paola

L is for current location: the same (south)

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Food

N is for something you need: a job

O is for occupation: Stay at home mom

P is for pet peeve: no remember one right now

Q is for quote: Follow your dreams

R is for random fact about you: I was a beauty queen for my hometown

S is for favorite healthy snack: Special K bars

T is for favorite treat: pistachio ice cream

U is for something that makes you unique: very organized person

V is for vegetable: corn and green beans

W is for today workouts: none

X is for X-Rays you've had: dental, finger and chest

Y is for yesterday's highlight: trip to a near town with my favorite people

Z is for your time zone: Atlantic 

And how about you? Share your ABC's.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week in Pictures

Monday: Shopping day so, no pictures

Tuesday: Pool day and bake cupcakes

Wednesday: Beach day

Thursday: Worked in our bedroom (no pictures yet) 

Friday: Brave (the movie) and Rincon's lighthouse

Saturday: We spend most of our day without water. By night we went to Church. (No pictures)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Brave (The Movie)


Today we went to see Brave. It was a great movie and everyone enjoyed it.
We ate pop corn, and nachos with cheese and of course, drink soda.

After the movie we went to a near town to their lighthouse (pictures to come) and later went to eat dinner.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jueves / Thursday

El día transcurrió entre juegos y quitando los bordes de la pared de nuestro cuarto. Solo faltó quitar los bordes del closet pero es poco así que se hará luego. Las ventanas ya están lavadas así que mañana iremos a comprar la pintura para el cuarto (tan pronto esté todo en su lugar vendrán las fotos).


Our day was a little busy for Pablo and I because we were working with the wall paper (borders) at our bedroom. It was a really hard work and I don't know what I was thinking like 7 years ago when we added those borders, arghhhhh. Anyway, we finished removing most of it, only remains some more in the closest (thanks God our closets are so tiny that we will finish it soon). Now, is time to buy new paint for the room and have a little makeover. Can't wait to show you the final product.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lunes, Martes y Miércoles / Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Estos últimos días han sido un poco más tranquilos. El lunes fuimos a comprar algunos comestibles. El martes Pablo y yo picamos un pavo entero y guardamos la pechuga picada en pedazos en el refrigerador. El resto del pavo lo hicimos asado y lo acompañamos con arroz con lentejas. Mientras la comida se cocinaba disfrutamos un rato de la piscina. Luego, nos bañamos, comimos y horneamos bizcochitos. En resumen, fue un excelente día. Hoy decidimos pasar la tarde en la playa.

No hemos estado muy activos pero aún así, realizamos algunas actividades en familia.


These last days have been a little tranquil for us.  Monday we went tothe grocery store (only that).  Tuesday, Pablo and I cut an entire turkey and we keep the breast in the refrigerator.  The remainder of the turkey was roasted and I cooked rice with lentils (it was the first time I cooked lentils and everyone love it).  While the food was cooked we had fun at the pool.  Then, we bathe, ate and bake cupcakes.  All in all, was an excellent day.  Today we decide to go to the beach. Had some chips, hot dogs and juice at the beach and leftovers for dinner. 

The most important thing to us is a spend a lot of time together as possible.


PS: Pictures coming in the next days.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Día de Padres 2012 / Father's Day 2012

Before gifts
With his precious girls!!!
Haha, love my hair
Daddy and his girls
Blurry picture but I like it
Pablo with his dad and the girls
My mom and Pablo
My daddy

It was a low key but I was glad to spend the day with my wonderful husband, girls and family.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Viernes y Sábado / Friday and Saturday

Ambos días fueron extremadamente tranquilos. El viernes Pablo tuvo que presentarse a su trabajo por unas cuántas horas. Mientras yo estuve en la casa y aproveché para hacer la limpieza mientras las niñas jugaban.

Hoy sábado, salimos a comprar los regalos para el día de Padres y luego fuimos a la Parguera a comer. Mi mamá nos acompañó y pasamos un buen rato.


Both days were extremely tranquil.  Friday Pablo had to worked part of the day.  I was at home with the girls and cleaned. In the meantime the girls played very well all day. 

Today Saturday, we went to the mall and bought some gifts for Father's day and then we went to eat at La Parguera.  My mom was with us and we had a good time. 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tibes y el Parque / Indian Park and Another Park

Our first stop was at the Indian Park (the real name is Tibes). They had a little museum, a "movie room" where you watch a DVD with information of the indians. After that, a guide show us the area where the indians live, the boat (in spanish is canoa) they used for fishing and the area where they played (the real name is batey, spanish name). Our girls had a great time around the park and we were happy to show them a little of our culture.

This is how they used to live (real name is aldeas)
Bohio (indian house)
We were sitting at the big stones that were used by the indian chief
And the girls had fun walking at the indian play area

After that we headed to the mountain to a new park. It's a big park with a splash area, playground and little "cover areas" for picnics. We stayed for almost an hour.
It's a cool place but is far away from the city so, we don't have plans to go again. Check the cover area for picnics to the left and if you see the big mountain at the back well, behind it is a lake.