Saturday, October 22, 2016

Three months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I can't believe it!!!! Three months since my last post, wow. Definitely, lots of things happened here. I have problems adding pictures with my cell phone to the blog. So, for the moment you are going to enjoy a long recap from us to you.

1. Vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. We went with my family to Disney World and had a great time.
3. Two days after we arrived from the trip, my niece and the girls had a coronation day as little queen and young queen of our town. 
4. Also on those two days, I signed a contract for my new work. Is a new private school and we decided to enrolled the girls with me.
5. They had a beautiful coronation and spend the next five nights meeting people in our town. 
6. I spend the last week of July getting my classroom ready for the first of class.
7. Also we did the school shopping.

1. First, my birthday.
2. School started
3. My mom's birthday
4. Pablo's birthday
5. We went to the very first as a queen in other town.
6. Try to do our best with the new routine of school.

1. I decided to work one hour at after school program
2. The girls started again dance
3. Went to two festivals as a queen
4. The a/c of the girls room don't work so both girls slept in the couch in our bedroom.
5. School is so busy and difficult
6. My sister's birthday.

Stay tuned for the next recap tomorrow.