Monday, April 19, 2010

Questions and Answers Part 1

Terri @ Mighty M ask: Who taught you embroidery and how long have you done it?
While I worked as a teacher I saw how a friend of a coworker earned additional money doing embroidery, so I talked to Pablo about it. We did a search via Internet and acquired our machine. So step by step we learned how to use it and started our own bussiness.

We acquired the machine on February 2006 but, was not until 2007 that we were able to start doing some embroidery.

Steph @ Silly Precious Piggies ask: How did you and Pablo meet? We meet when I went with my mother to the bank where he works.
Any tips on time management? My clue is organization. Each day I plan in my mind what I wish to achieve that day, obviously there are days in which things do not happen like you wanted but I try(at times is a little difficult) to manage with the situation. For example, I love to enjoy some personal time before the girls wake up each morning. Is like my preparation for the day. Then, the morning elapses among the kitchen, cleaning and the girls. The afternoon is for the girls. Then it is time for Pablo with them and I complete some tasks that are pending. And the nights are to do some embroidery, to sew, to navigate the world of blogs and to speak and share some quality time with Pablo without interruptions, ha.

Malena (her blog is private) ask: Do you really not drink alcoholic beverages? If so, why not? No, I do not take alcoholic beverages because I do not like the flavor neither the ardor that produces in my body.

Were you and your sister as close growing up as you seem to be now? Yes, we are very close.

What did your father do as a profession before he retired? He never had a fixed employment so it is difficult to respond to that question.

Deanna @ It's a Crazy, Beautiful Life ask: What's your landscape like? Are you near the coast? I live in a coastal town but not near the beach. The most nearby beach is about a 5 minutes drive. The land is dry which does not facilitate our wishes to create a succesfull landscaping.

Jeremi @ Ella and Zoe ask: Where did you grow up? I grew up in a town call Yauco at the south of the Island.
How many siblings do you have? I have in total 4 sibblings (my father have 3 before us but we don't have much communication.
What does your husband do and how is his health? Hw works as a Compliance Officer in a credit union.
Up to now his chest pain has diminished but we still are uncertain of what happened. By now we are still visiting another health specialists to find some answers.

Raising Z @ Raising C and Lil'C ask: What would your perfect day look like? A perfect day for me is when my kids are in well behavior and we don't have any kind of stress during the day.

Here are all the answers to your questions, now is time for another round next Monday.

Have a great week.



Mrs. Lovely said...

This great. Good way to get to know you better.

Jeremi said...

Fun reading your answers Annie -- and learning a bit more about you! I'm going to ask Tom about Yaoco, I think we were there once!

Happy Monday!

girlytwins said...

Great job Annie. It was really fun learning about you :)

Raising Z said...

THat was so much fun ;) I agree with you about the perfect day!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Great Q & A - I love learning more about you!

Mighty M said...

So fun to learn more about you Annie! :)

My next question is what is your favorite movie(s)?