Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy 10% off

Los siguientes artículos tienen un 10% de descuento en mi tienda Etsy: toallas, camisetas, pañitos, placas decorativas, lazos para el pelo, faldas. Exclusivamente estos productos. El descuento será aplicable al momento de ustedes realizar el pago (de interesar un producto deben notificarmelo para entonces hacer el cambio y que ustedes puedan comprar con el 10%).

Si tienen dudas me dejan saber. Oferta válida hasta el viernes 16 de abril de 2010.


The following articles have a 10% discount in my Etsy store: towels, shirts, burp cloth diaper, decorative plaques, hair bows and skirts. Exclusively these products. The discount will be applicable at the moment you make the payment (if you are interested in a product please notify me before so I can change the price and you'll be able to buy with the 10% discount).

Let me to know if you have any questions. Valid until friday, april 16, 2010.


1 comment:

monica said...

I think your skirts are very cute...and would be perfect for my nieces birthday in July. I am just waiting until closer to then to see what size she will be in. 10% off is a great deal. I hope you get more customers!

Sorry I can't help you with your button, either!