Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clima / Weather

El clima esta muy cambiante aquí. La pasada semana tuvimos varios días de lluvia pero, está semana es de puro calor. Sencillamente, el calor es horrible. Las niñas tienen un "rash" producto de la fiebre alta que han tenido desde los pasados días y que con el calor se les ha intensificado, pobres niñas. Ojalá que pronto hayan días frescos por que la verdad es que esto parece puro verano (no quiero ni pensar en los días de verano).

Les dejo con unas fotos de los pasados días.

Feliz Jueves


The climate is constantly changing here. Last week we had several days of rain but, this week is of pure heat. Simply, the heat is horrible. The girls have a "rash" product of the high fever that they had since some days ago and that combined with the heat has intensified my poor girls. I hope that soon there will be fresh days because the truth is that this seems pure summer (I do not want to think about how the days of summer will be).

Here some photos of these days.

Happy Thursday


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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

We are having warmer days here (but not too warm) Wishing the rash improves soon & that they feel better soon!

Mighty M said...

Our weather has been pretty crazy too - hoping for a nice day today!

monica said...

Oh I sure hope everyone gets to feeling better! And the weather gets to be nice also. It has rained here for the last day and today also but really it's been nice with good sunshine!

Krystyn said...

I love the "dueling" computer setup. Too funny.

Jeremi said...

Hi Annie!
Thanks for the nice message on my blog -- I did make the cakes and cupcakes, the wildflower seeds I purchased in the Dollar section at Target and the invites I had hand-made for us (to match the cake idea). I'll post party pics hopefully tomorrow : )

Are the weather guys forecasting a super hot summer in PR? I love the heat!!

Steph said...

Hope that their rashes clear up! My girls sometimes get the same thing.

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on the MoM blog, and for your friendship! :o)

The Smiths said...

Hope it cools off a little for y'all. It is warming up here, too...but not too bad. Hope the rash goes away soon.

Katrina said...

The weather really has been crazy! We had 80 degree days, then it snowed for an entire day, and now we're back to warm days. So odd.

I hope their rashes clear up soon!

VKT said...


You are truly blessed. Your little girls are absolutely precious. I love the pictures you shared.