Monday, April 12, 2010

Hagan Sus Preguntas / Make Your Questions

Hace un año realicé la sección de Ustedes Preguntan y Yo Respondo, y he decidido que es el momento ideal para hacerlo. En el último año he tenido la oportunidad de conocer grandes seres humanos y he tenido el placer de tener unas amigas excepcionales. También aumentó la cantidad de seguidores a mi blog y que obviamente no me conocen mucho así que este es el momento de preguntar. Cada lunes mi mensaje será dedicado a las preguntas recibidas durante la semana.

A preguntar se ha dicho.



A year ago I made the post You Ask and I'll Answer, and I have determined that is the ideal moment to do it again. In this last year I have had the opportunity to know many people and I have had the pleasure to have some exceptional friends. Also the quantity of followers to my blog has grown and obviously most of them don't know me very well so this is the moment to ask. Each Monday my post will be dedicated to answer the questions received during the week.

Start asking.

Take care



Mighty M said...

Who taught you embroidery and how long have you done it?


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I will put on my thinking cap and come up with some. Be back soon!

Steph said...

How did you and Paolo meet?
Maybe you already told us but I can't remember!

Will come back when I think of more!

Together We Save said...

Great idea!! I love getting to know pwople thru their blogs!

Malena said...

Do you really not drink alcoholic beverages? If so, why not?

Were you and your sister as close growing up as you seem to be now?

What did your father do as a profession before he retired?

Thanks for the Q&A!

Steph said...

You amaze me with all you are able to a wife, mom, daughter, sister, plus blog, business and craft. Any tips on time management?

Deanna said...

I'd like to know something about life in PR. What's your landscape like? Are you near the coast? Looking forward to hearing all your answers!

Jeremi said...

This is fun!!

A few quick ones for you:
*Where did you grow up?
*How many siblings do you have?
*What does your husband do and how is his health?

Looking forward to Mondays post!