Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cosas Favoritas de las Niñas / Favorite Things of The Girls

Sus cosas favoritas a los tres años y medio de edad son:
1. Colorear
2. Jugar a disfrazarse
3. Correr
4. Bailar
5. Jugar a las princesas (incluyendo al Rey (Pablo) y el castillo (la sala))
6. Realizar actividades escolares (ojalá que esto no cambie cuando ya lleven varios años en la escuela)
7. Adoran su clase de "Baby Fitness"
8. Usar la computadora (juegan a vestir las muñecas en
9. Hacer bizcochos y ayudar en la cocina
10. Jugar en el columpio
11. Hacer la casa "club"

En una nota aparte, quiero demostrarles la habilidad que Pablo tiene cuando de peinar a las niñas se refiere. Si observan las fotos notarán que ambas tienen dos moñitos pero que uno está más arriba que el otro,ja.


Their favorite things at the age of three and a half are:

1. Coloring

2. Playing dress up
3. Running

4. Dancing

5. Pretending to be princesses (including the King (Pablo) and the castle (the livingroom))

6. Doing school activities (I hope that this does not change when the time comes to really go to school)
7. They worship their Baby Fitness class
8. Using the computer (they play to dress dolls in

9. Doing biscuits and helping in the kitchen
10. Playing in the swings
11. Doing the club house

In a note aside, I want to show you the ability that Pablo has when he try to comb the girls. Look the photos and you'll see that both have two ponytails but one is further up than the other, ha.



Jeremi said...

Fun activities -- I think all of our girls would get along great and have a lot of fun playing together!!

The castle in the living room and Daddy as their King is so sweet : ) And I'm going to check out the dress-up computer game. We only have a laptop so the mouse is a little hard to navigate, so Ella and Zoe don't use it themselves. But I think I need to teach them more computer skills.

Thanks for sharing, and for the fun ideas we'll do over here : )


Pablo does hair like Tom does hair!!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Our girls would get along so well - those are all my girls favorites too.
I love that photo of the girls hair - too funny!

Mighty M said...

Haha - at least he tries real hard. My husband says he doesn't "do" hair! :)

I just know Hannah would have a grand time playing with your girls!

The Smiths said...

Haha....I love the ponytail pictures...and yay! for dad for trying. My hubby just says she looks fine and goes.

Love their favorite things list. Happy Thursday!

Jayme said...

LOVE the hair pics!

*LLUVIA* said...

Shoot! I still do those, and I'm old!!

Hey, at least he does their hair! Wish Hubby would get into dressing her and changing her more often!

Tamela said...

At least he knows what to do with the pony tail holders! The bf's dad would be at a total loss!

I love their list! So cute.

Christina said...

I think that sounds like a fun age! :) And hey, at least Daddy tried, mine just runs away from hair! ;)

Sweet August said...

The pigtails is too funny! And that dress up site is great, I will have to let my niece play with that! Thanks for sharing

PS I'm glad you found me on your followers list! Thanks for checking that out!

Steph said...

Great activities! Sounds like so much fun and look forward to when Sophie and Sarah can do the same.

About helping in the girls are interested but I'm afraid they'll get hurt. What do you consider safe and not safe for your girls to do in the kitchen? Thanks!!!

Jill said...

I think their hair looks good...he does a much better job than my hubby does!