Wednesday, April 14, 2010

De todo un poco / A little bit of everything

Los pasados días han sido bastante ajetreados. Desde la pasada semana decidí que era viable para las niñas y para mí salir diariamente y salir de la monotonía. Es sumamente agradable ya que tenemos la oportunidad de ver a mi mamá todos los días y las niñas también disfrutan de la compañía de sus primos (de vez en cuando nos vuelven locas con sus gritos y juegos pero, ni modo ellos se lo disfrutan).

También ya estoy comprando regalos para el Día de las Madres (no olviden que una toalla con el nombre de la persona es una buena alternativa así, que pueden visitar mi tienda Etsy,ja, sí les interesa comprar podemos hacer descuentos ).

Todavía seguimos con más citas médicas pendientes ahora nos corresponde el gastroenterólogo y neumólogo. La cita con el "ENT" ayer fue un éxito pero, no tenemos explicación de por qué escupe sangre así que veremos que dicen los otros doctores.

En estos momentos tengo pendiente decidir sí matriculamos las niñas en pre kinder para el próximo año escolar o no. ¿Qué opinan ustedes?



This last few days have been quite hectic. Since last week I decided that it was good for the girls and for me to leave home daily and to leave the monotony. It is extremely pleasant since we have the opportunity to see my mom every day and the girls also enjoy the company of their cousins (occasionally they make us crazy with their shouting and playing loud but they enjoy it).

I am already buying gifts for Mother's Day (do not forget that a towel with the name of the person is a good alternative thus, please visit my Etsy store, ha, if you are interested to buy we'll be able to make a discount).

We still continue with more pending doctor's appointments nest we stop will be the neumologist and gastrologist. The appointment with the "ENT" yesterday was a success but, we still do not have an explanation of why Pablo spits blood sometimes so we will continue to find out what the other doctors say.

I need to decide if we should register the girls in pre kindergarten for the next school year or not. What do you think?

Take care


Caro said...

I think you should follow your heart, if you want to keep them another year to yourself, do it.

Jamie said...

I completely understand the getting out by helps to change up the day, but wrangling two by yourself can be exhausting.
We are doing a Mom's Day out right now with the kiddo's, and I am actually contemplating (convincing the hubby) that we need to start the kiddo's a year behind because of their birthday (they are no where near school age, right now). I cannot imagine graduating a 17 year old and sending them off to ma'am, not me. We will hold them back, well, we will send them to a transitional grade between Kindergarden and 1st grade...but ultimately it is your decision and if you want to keep them at home with you...SO BE IT!!!

Steph said...

I need to get out more often with my girls too. It can be tiring, even the planning alone is tiring! But worth it in the end.

Best of luck with your decision on pre-kindergarten. Since you do so much with the girls already, they have a stimulating environment so it may be ok to wait.

Glad that the ENT appointment was good...hope you find some more answers at the next appointments.

Take care!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Wishing Pablo the best - I hope he finds out soon what is causing this. About Pre-K, I say it is up to you and Pablo and what you think is best. We did register our girls but I taught them from home and cost was another issue. So go with your heart.

Kimberly said...

I found Pre-K to be beneficial for my twins both socially and academically. They have learned so much this year, even going only 2 days a week. Socially, my daughter who was very shy has transformed into a social butterfly. My son has learned structure and discipline in a school setting. I truly believe in Pre-K, but you also have to feel comfortable in sending them. You know your girls the best and whether they are ready for this step.

Wishing Pablo the best.

Mighty M said...

Your girls seem pretty social, so they may love Pre-K. But sounds like they are getting lots of social time with cousins too. Hard decision, mom!

Thanks for the update on Pablo - thinking good thoughts for a speedy diagnosis, except I guess speedy it out of the question at this point. Hopefully SOON. :)

Christina said...

I don't have an advice except for what the others say. Follow your heart. I'll bet your 2 cuties would love it though. :)

girlytwins said...

I can see your need to get out of the house and change things up a bit. If I stay home for a few days I find that I get a we bit cranky :)