Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ya Pablo se hizo el "stress test" (el examen duró dos días) ahora nos falta esperar por el resultado que más o menos debe estar preparado en una semana. Ya tenemos el resultado del CT Scan de la cabeza y gracias a Dios el resultado es bueno, no hay indicios de hemorragias ni nada en su cabeza. Nos queda pendiente unos exámenes de sangre donde buscarán desde lo más sencillo hasta lo más complejo (pobrecito va a parecer una fuente de agua con tantos agujeritos para sacarle la sangre,jaja). Luego de eso el siguiente paso es ir nuevamente al cardiólogo (se supone que sea la segunda semana de marzo) y conocer qué ocurre con Pablo.

En otros temas, ayer (viernes) se fue la electricidad desde las 8:30 pm. hasta las 2:45 a.m. y no solo eso fue malo, lo peor era la calor tan horrible que hacia. Les diré que yo termine durmiendo en el piso y mis niñas aguantaron el sueño hasta la medianoche y luego cayeron exhaustas, pobrecitas. Entonces, hoy como que todos estabamos con las baterías sin recargar, fue un largo día pero en el que no hicimos mucho en la casa.

Que tengan un feliz domingo.


Already Pablo had his "stress test" (it lasted two days) now we have to wait for the results in about one week. We already have the result of the head CT Scan and thanks to God the result is good, there is no indication of hemorrhages or anything else. The only thing left to do are the blood tests (my poor thing is going to look like a water fountain with all the holes they are making him, jaja). After that the following step is to go back to the cardiologist (is supposed to be on the second week of March) and finf out what occurs with Pablo.

In other themes, yesterday (Friday) the electricity was out from 8:30 pm. until 2:45 am. The worse thing was the horrible heat that followed (no air condition nor fans). I will tell you that I end up sleeping on the floor and my girls waited until midnight to go to bed when they fell exhausted. Then, today since we were all with our batteries down, it was a long day but in which we did not do a lot in the house.

Have a happy Sunday.



Malena said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am for you all to hear that the CT scan came back fine. Thank god. What a relief!

Yikes, no electricity in the heat...well, you made it thru the night and day girl, you're awesome! Time to take some swimming lessons so that you can go cool off in the ocean ;)

Hope you have a nice Sunday!

The Smiths said...

Praying for good news on Pablo's tests.

Oh fans, no! Glad y'all have it back on. It can be physically draining surviving in the heat.

monica said...

Very happy to hear that the results can back good! Yay that sucks for no heat...and no electricity, I am glad that it did finally come back on!

Caro said...

While I am here freezing I think of you and poor you with all the heat. Isn't it a bit ironic?
I'm glad Pablo finally did his tests, I hope you get answers.

Twincerely,Olga said...

I am happy your hubby tests came back good!! No power oh no!!! sounds terrible Annie!!I hope evrything is restored soon!!I am going to look for bows for my baby girl!!!

Heather said...

Glad to hear you got good news back on some tests...and hopefully more great news will follow!

Sorry to hear about the electricity! Hopefully now that it's back will stay on! It's so cold and snowy where I am. I can't even imagine being too hot right now. Wish I could send some of this cold in your direction!

Heather said...

YAY! I'm so relieved to hear things are looking good so far. Continued prayers for the rest of his bloodwork and testing.

And that stinks about your power being out. We were out of water here for about 24 hours and that was rough. Hope you have a better week.

Raising Z said...

I am so glad to hear the results of the CT scan were good! Our prayers are with you all as he goes through more tests.

We lost electricity over the weekend too although we were dealing with cold,not heat ;)

I hope you are having a good week. I love your easter decorations. You have inspired me to put away the snowman and take out my easter stuff!