Monday, February 22, 2010

Un Lunes Tranquilo / Relax Monday

Las niñas y yo tuvimos un día tranquilo. Cuando Pablo llegó de trabajar ya la cena estaba servida y a eso de las 6:00 estabamos en el patio. Las niñas jugaron en el columpio (y yo también,ja). El clima estaba bastante agradable y átras quedaron las temperaturas de 91 grados de la semana pasada.
Mañana iremos para que Pablo se realice el CT Scan (un examen menos pendiente).



PS: Malena espero que recuperes la voz pronto y que te mejores.

The girls and I had a tranquil day. When Pablo arrived from work supper was already served and around 6:00 pm we went to the patio. The girls played on the swing (me too, ha). The climate was quite pleasant, behind remained those temperatures of 91 degrees of last week.

Tomorrow we will go so that Pablo will have his CT Scan (one less test pending).

Please take care


PS: Malena I wish that you can recover your voice quick and start feeling better

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The Smiths said...

Fun, Fun, Fun.

I love the nice days outside and playing with the kids...hopefully, we will have a few nice days coming our way...after this winter storm.

Jenna said...

Super cute pictures, looks like you all had fun! Oh I so wish it were 90 degrees here instead of 30 and snow :( LUCKY you!!! Want to trade, ha ha! Have a great week!

cat said...

Those dresses are beautiful!

Jeremi said...

Will be thinking of your family today -- hope Pablo's tests go really well!!

LOOOOOOOOVE the last pic of you with your girls!!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Great picture of you and your gorgeous girls! I love restful days! Wishing you all the best of luck today with the CT scan.

Malena said...

*FIngers crossed* for Pablo's test today!

THank you for the shout out! I still can't talk, but I'm doing okay. :)

OMG! I wish I llived in PR. I'd take 91 degrees any day over this cold weather, I am so tired of it!!!

Cute photos as usual! :)

Caro said...

Your girls are always so cute!

girlytwins said...

So so cute. I have been down our slide many times with my girlies too :)

I hope the CT scan goes well :)

Sharon said...

I hope Pablos' test goes smoothly. We'll be praying for him!

Helen McGinn said...

Aw, your twins and blog are lovely! It's great to meet you. I'm an identical twin and I have twins although a boy and a girl....great fun. :O)

KJ said...

So glad you got the insurance stuff worked out...will be praying for your husbands tests!

Mighty M said...

Hope everything goes well with Pablo's test!e