Monday, February 1, 2010

Busco Ideas / Need Ideas

Quisiera que me ayudaran con ideas para mi tienda Etsy. Es increíble ver tiendas con el mismo tipo de mercancía que yo vendo a precios mucho más altos y aún así venden. Por otro lado, en diversos "blogs" he visto que las chicas dicen que compran muchas cosas para sus hijos en Etsy pero, a mí tienda no llegan. Creo que tal vez, en algún momento lo mejor sea cerrar la tienda por que no progresa pero, antes de tomar esa decisión quisiera ideas de parte de ustedes.

Espero tener sus sugerencias.


I wish anyone could help me with ideas for my store. It is incredible to see stores with the same type of merchandise that I sell with higher prices and still they manage to sell. On the other hand, in diverse "blogs" I have seen that the girls say that they buy many things for their children in Etsy but they do not arrive to my store. I believe that perhaps, at some moment the best is to close the store because it does not progress but before I make that decision I need ideas from you.

Waiting for your suggestions.



Jeremi said...

I have no suggestions Annie -- sorry. But I wish you the best! The skirts I bought from you were darling and I wish my budget let me buy more things. I don't shop other Etsy stores so I'm really not much of a help. Good luck!

Kari @ p.s. said...

So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog on Follow Friday! I love new friends :o) I will enjoy going through your blog and checking out your store!

Glenda Lynn said...

Why are you considering closing your store? Is it merely an online store? I am going to check out your products now, I have boys...but I love cute little girl clothes:-)

Helene said...

I looked at your site and I thought your things were adorable and unique! I especially love the hair bows!

I don't shop Etsy very much so I don't have any real good advice. It seems like you have plenty of choices in hairbows and cloth diapers...I don't know what else you could do, other than just try to continue promoting your store.

Lani said...

Hmmm. don't give up! I will put an ad for your store on Multiples and More, and maybe would you like to sponsor a prize in our upcoming Blog Party? That should get you a LOT of traffic. It will be in March (towards the end). I will email you about this!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I love looking around on Etsy. I have many, many cute items but I have not purchased anything yet. I suppose it is because I like to sew, paint, etc. and save on making things for my girls.
But I want to say that I love your store and items! Abby & Emma love, love, love their Princess Skirts.
I have seen some things on Etsy (not yours but others) who have some things that are priced to high and I have often wondered who would pay that price.
Best of luck!!! The only suggestion I have is to make items for upcoming holidays. Maybe people will be on the look out for holiday wear. Sorry, I am not much help.

Tracie said...

I say just keep getting your name out there. Maybe sponser a giveaway on someone else's blog? You might want to get in touch with some people who do reviews and giveaways on their sites.

~SHANNON~ said...

Hi, I'm following you through Friday follow. I love finding new blogs to read! I am your 162cnd follower! Yay!! Will check out your etsy store:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow and I'm foloowing you right back. I also have twin girls.

monica said...

I don't have any suggestions, not really sure how the esty thing works. Is there any way to up the adversting on esty?

Jayme said...

From what I understand about etsy, a lot of the success comes from constantly adding new items to your store so that they show up on the recently listed items thing... that draws in more visitors and potential buyers :)

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Following back from FF!
As far as Etsy, I haven't had much luck either. But, from what I understand, it takes marketing and effort - just like anything else online.
I'd say, if you enjoy making your items, continue on. Someone will see you and it'll snowball to success.

The Smiths said...

I don't usually buy things online...that is my excuse. I do love all of your stuff though.

Most stuff, I can find at baby boutiques here in the area. Especially the bows.

I am no help though. My friend does Etsy...she is more the notecards and art. She advertises on Twitter alot.

Cassie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am following you back!

The Royal Family said...

I following back from friday follow! :)
Love your cute shop!

The Buzz,
p.s. I have a bunch of giveaways going on right now if you want to come enter!

Jinxy and Me said...

Hi. I'm following you back from Follow Friday. I don't think I'm following any other bloggers based in Puerto Rico - - that's where my husband's family is from!