Monday, October 13, 2008

Mami y Papi con las Niñas / Mommy & Daddy with the Girls

Mi familia (Gracias por toda su ayuda) / My family (Thank you for all your help)
Aunt Carmin (my sister) with the girls.
Grandma Millie and Grandpa Junior (my parents)
My Family (Grandma Millie, Pablo with Ana Sofia, Cariangely, Me with Ana Paola, Grandpa Junior, Auntie Carmin with Omar Andrés.)
Grandpa Junior with Ana Paola. Ana Sofia (left).


The Myers Family said...

WOW! LOOKS LIKE THE PARTY WAS FANTASTIC! SOO CUTE! YOU DID a great job! The girls looked precious as usual! Happy Birthday and welcome to toddler hood!


Gibson Twins said...

BEAUTIFUL! You way outdid yourself on that party!! Happy Birthday girls!

Annie said...

Thank you for your comments girls.