Sunday, October 5, 2008

Faltan solo 5 Días / Only 5 Days

Mi mamá le regaló la ropa que usarán Ana Sofia y Ana Paola el sábado en la fiesta. Son unos trajecitos muy bonitos que tienen unas fresas. A mí me fascinaron por que combinan con el motivo de la fiesta que es Strawberry Shortcake. Luego fuimos y compramos las sandalias que usarán. Se van a ver hermosas. Solo me falta comprar alguna cinta para el pelo y ya estarán listas.

Cambiando un poco el tema, me gustaría que alguna de ustedes me diera ideas sobre que alimentos puedo ofrecerle a las niñas en el almuerzo. Quisiera algo sencillo y rápido de preparar pero que a la vez sea nutritivo. Ojalá me puedan ayudar por que la verdad es que a veces necesito variar un poco el menú para que no se aburran de lo mismo siempre y así evitar que dejen de comer.

Espero que hayan disfrutado del fin de semana y que tengan muchos ánimos para esta semana. Que tengan una linda semana.

PD: Faltan solo 5 días.

My mom bought the clothes that Ana Sofia and Ana Paola will use on Saturday at the party. They are very pretty dresses with some strawberries decorations. I am fascinated with them because they combine with the motive of the party that is Strawberry Shortcake. Then we bought the sandals they will use. They are going to look so beautiful. I still need to buy something for the hair and they will be ready.

Changing subject, I would like to know if someone could give me ideas on which food I can offer the girls forlunch. I want something simple and quick to prepare but in the same way something nutritious. I hope anyone can help me because the truth is that at times I need to vary a little their menu so they will not be bored of the same things and to avoid that they stop eating. I expect you have enjoyed the weekend and have a nice week.

PD: just 5 days.

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The Myers Family said...

Hmm..foods. I'm not a health nut so i go with the normal PB&J or Sandwiches and chips. Maybe hot dogs with FF & then throw in a veggie & fruit. My girls LOVE chicken tenders and FF, & then i throw in some canned green beans & a fruit, since i know the love fruit! Our supermarket has these cool new tiny hot dogs and the girls love them..maybe something like that.

GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see pics of the party!