Friday, October 17, 2008

Aún Enfermas / Still Sick

Hoy llevamos a Sofia y Paola al laboratorio para hacerles un examen de sangre que nos ayudara a saber por que la fiebre que tienen. Gracias a Dios Sofia ya no tiene fiebre pero, tiene un "rash" en todo el cuerpo. Mientras tanto Paola tiene fiebre alta.

Les dire que cuando fuimos al laboratorio ninguna de ellas lloró cuando le sacaron la sangre y eso nos dejó boquiabiertos a nosotros. Yo pensé: Oh Dios,ya no tengo bebés. Se portaron muy bien y estuvieron muy pendientes a la curita que les pusieron en el brazo. Luego fuimos al pediatra y el resultado de la fiebre se llama virus. Solo debemos estar pendientes y vigilar que la fiebre no aumente. Por lo general cuando se trata de un virus viral este está unas 24 horas en el cuerpo. Así que yo espero que durante el fin de semana mis preciosas esten bien.

Quiero compartir algunas de las fotos de ellas hoy. Espero que pasen un buen fin de semana.

Today we took Sofia and Paola to the laboratory to do them an blood exam and find out why are they having a fever. Thanks to God Sofia has no longer a fever but now she has a rash all over her body. In the meantime now Paola has high fever.

When we went to the laboratory none of them cried when they having the blood samples and that left us astonished. I thought: Oh God, no longer I have babies. They behaved very well and they liked the Dora the Explorer bandage on their arms. Then we went to visit the pediatrician and the result is fever virus. Now we must be alert and watch that the fever do not gets worse. Generally a viral virus lives ablout24 hours in the body. So I expect that during the weekend my precious babies should be better.

I want to share some of the photos of them today. I wish you all have a good weekend.


Ana Paola showing her band aid of Dora the Explorer (well,Dora Mermaid).

Ana Sofia showing her band aid of Dora the Explorer (Dora Princess).
Mommy, please stop. Don't touch my band aid again.
Please, turn that camera,mommy.
At Doctor's office. Happy girls,hahaha.


The Myers Family said...

POOR BABIES! I totally know all about this virus! The girls got it when they were about 8 months old and have had it a few times. They have told me, but the time the rash has broken..the virus is acutally going away AND they aren't contagious anymore. I hope they get better shortly. The fever viruses always worry me. BUT, once you get the fever under control with tylenol/motrin, you should be ok! GOOD LUCK & get well baby girls!

Souza Sisters said...

What brave girls!! Hopefully everyone is feeling better... Maggie had a stomach bug last week and a wicked diaper rash... Oh and Happy Belated Birthday girls!! Looks like they had a nice birthday party!!