Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ultimo día de Clases / Last Day of School

Last day of School - May 31, 2011

Final group picture

With some friends

Just for my records here is how they look on their first day of school (August 10)

And on their last day of school

Can't believe they are going to Kindergarten in August.

God bless my girls!!!


PS: Stay tuned for the Graduation post


Jeremi said...

they are both so photogenic and fun to see pictures of! i know, it really is crazy how fast the time from babies to kindergarten went ...... looking forward to the graduation post annie!

: ) jeremi

Jill said...

Wow Annie they look so much more grown up on the last day of school compared to the first. What a difference a few months makes!

Missy said...

I absolutely love those poses and the crossing of the legs. Can your girls be any cuter? And wow, they have grown so much! Congratulations girls!!!!

Malena said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the third pic, of Sofia kinda casual on the chair and Paola quite the little lady with her legs crossed. Too funnY!

They have grown soooo much!

Karolina & Paulina said...

... Muy bonita fotos ninios ; )))
Caludo cordialmende a todass ; )
Abrozos y besos ; P

Raising Z said...

They have grown so much this year!! They are just beautiful :)

Harris Boys said...

they are little divas :) so cute!!
I will be a HUGE mess when my boys start the big K. Congrats to your girls!