Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oftalmólogo / Ophtalmologist

Hoy las niñas tuvieron su cita anual en el oftalmólogo pediátrico. Paola presenta miopía leve pero, por el momento no requiere el uso de espejuelos mientras Sofia salió muy bien. El doctor ve a las niñas desde que tenían tres meses así que ya es como visitar a un familiar, jaja.

Gracias a Dios pudimos ir sin problemas a la cita por que durante el pasado mes lo único que hay es lluvia y más lluvia. Luego, fuimos a almorzar y a Wal-Mart. Después nos dedicamos a tener una tarde tranquila en nuestro hogar.


Today the girls had their annual appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist. Paola presents light myopia but, for the moment she does not require the use of glasses while Sofia turned out well. The doctor have been seeing the girls since they were three months old so already is like visiting a relative, jaja.

Thanks to God we could go to the appointment without problems because during the last month there has been rain and more rain. Then, we went to have lunch and to Wal-Mart. Later we had a tranquil afternoon at home.



The Smiths said...

yay for a great appointment!!

Jeremi said...

i always feel such relief and gratitude after big appointments!! glad to hear it went well annie : )