Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fin de Semana / Weekend

Gracias a Dios nuestro fin de semana fue muy bueno y disfrutamos mucho en familia.

Viernes: Llevé a las niñas a vacunar. Ambas estuvieron muy bien a pesar, de que Sofi gritó a todo pulmón, ja. Luego para recompensarlas les compré nuggets y luego fuimos todos a comprar helados.

Sábado: A media mañana podé algunas de las plantas del patio. Luego, tuvimos nuestro primer picnic del verano con spaguettis, rico y después una tarde de piscina. Pablo y yo tomamos piña colada y en la noche terminamos con una rica de arroz con habichuelas y pollo al horno. Simplemente sensacional.

Domingo: Nos levantamos a las 10:00, simplemente mágico. Luego, un rico brunch y después a la piscina. Hoy las niñas no quisieron estar mucho tiempo en la piscina así que decidimos salir a hacer diligencias y luego a comer pizza.

Me encantan los fines de semana como este.

Linda semana para todos.


Thanks to God our weekend was very good and we enjoyed it a lot together.

Friday: I took the girls to vaccinate. Both were ok even though that Sofi screamed to the top of her lungs, ha. In reward I bought them chicken nuggets and ice cream.

Saturday: In the morning I trimmed some of the plants in our patio. Then, we had our first picnic of the summer with spaguettis and later an afternoon with the pool. Pablo and I had some pina colada and in the night we finish with a delicious dinner of rice and beans with chicken. Simply sensational.
Sunday: We woke up at 10:00am, simply magical. Then, a nice brunch and later to the pool. Today the girls did not want to be a lot of time in the pool so we decide to go out to do some groceries and then pizza.

I love weekends like this.

A nice week for all.



Enjoying their meals


Picnic time

Piña colada


They made their beds for the first time and of course they had to pose with it.

Silly girls with Daddy's shirts

Pool time

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Jeremi said...

i love weekends like that too!
the girls look so cute in their swimsuits : )