Monday, June 20, 2011

Día de Padres 2011 / Father's Day 2011

We had an amazing Father's day.

Waiting for his presents,ha!!

Ready to go!!!

He is a happy guy now,haha!!

They made cards for Daddy.

Each girls pick a special gift for Pablo.

Sofia's turn

and Paola

and so I

Our family picture

The girls with their Daddy


Before we went out

Later, we went to Toy Story on Ice (pictures soon)

Have a wonderful week.



Jeremi said...

this is so sweet!! your girls did a great job on their cards and chose great gifts for their dad!!

i always love seeing photos of your family annie : )

now i want to hear about your outing .....

Jill said...

Love the girls' dresses! I bet Toy Story was great!