Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sábado / Saturday

En realidad la mañana fue bastante tranquila para las niñas y para mí. Adicional a que hoy apenas realicé algunas tareas de limpieza por que no estaba en el "mood" de hacer nada. En la tarde fuimos a ver Cars 2 (la cual nos gustó mucho) y luego a intentar comprar tennis para las niñas ya que los necesitan para la actividad final del campamento. Después fuimos a comer comida china todos juntos (mi familia). Fue un buen día excepto que todo iba bien hasta que a mis hijas les dió por correr, brincar, saltar, hablar fuerte, en fin, muchas cosas que nunca hacen y que últimamente están formando parte de nosotros en la tienda y en otros lugares a los que vamos. Ciertamente, Pablo y yo perdimos la paciencia y finalmente, nos fuimos. Tan solo espero que sea una fase más y que pase rápido.


The morning hours were quite tranquil for the girls and me. Additional to that today I barely did some cleaning because I was in the mood to do nothing. In the afternoon we went to see Cars 2 (which we liked a lot) and then we tried to buy tennis shoes for the girls since they need them for the final summer camp activity. Later we went to eat Chinese food all together (my family). It was a good day except that my daughters started running, jumping, talking loud, in short, very bad behavior in the store and in other places that we go. Certainly, Pablo and I got angry and finally, we went. I hope that this is a phase that will go away eventually.



Steph said...

Our girls behaved the same way at Target today, and we reacted in the same way! We hope it's just a phase too. Glad you otherwise had a good day!

Jeremi said...

oh annie, there are many times i'm not in the mood to do any cleaning : ) and i understand how frustrating it is as a mom when your daughters are not behaving (especially on an outing), good choice to just leave, i'm sure they will remember that in the future. we've dealt with that sort of thing at times too : )

Caro said...

I so want to see this movie!

Harris Boys said...

we are going thru that same phase right now where it is almost impossible to take them both out in public. They are great separate, but together they are terrors :) I just keep reminding myself that they are only little for a short while! We also enjoyed Cars 2 :)

The Smiths said...

Sounds like fun! My husband took the kids to see Cars 2 this weekend as well. I stayed home and did laundry and caught up on housework. The kids had fun.

My kids are both going through that phase as well. I hope they are out of it by the time baby arrives or this momma will be homebound for awhile.