Friday, July 17, 2009

Fiestas de Cumpleaños de Niños / Children's Birthday Parties

Para hoy viernes Kelly de Kelly's Korner decidió que el tema sería las fiestas de cumpleaños de nuestros niños. Esta es una oportunidad sensacional para adquirir ideas para próximos cumpleaños.

Todas las decoraciones y las cosas que hemos dado en los pasados dos cumpleaños de las niñas las hice yo con la ayuda de Pablo.

Sí les interesa alguna de las creaciones que yo hago para sus fiestas pueden dejarme un comentario aquí.

Veamos las fotos del primer cumpleaños: Tema: Tinkerbell con flores y mariposas

Segundo cumpleaños: Tema: Strawberry Shortcake (la clásica de cuando yo era niña)


This Friday Kelly of Kelly' s Korner decided that the theme would be the birthday parties of our children. This it is a sensational opportunity to acquire ideas for our next birthday party.

All the decorations and the things that we have given in the first two birthday parties of the girls were made by me with the aid of Pablo.

If you are interested in some of these party creations leave me a comment here.

First birthday.

Theme: Tinkerbell with flowers and butterflies

Treat bags for boys

Treat bags for girls

Guest's gift: a calendar

Second birthday

Theme: Strawberry Shortcake (the classic one, like when I was a little girl)

Treat bags for boys

Treat bags for girls

I made the treat bags. If you are interesting in buying some let me know.

Have a nice weekend.



Caroline said...

Really cute. How did you get the bottle of coke covered? Did you just make something or did you order it somewhere?

Malena said...

WOW WOW WOW! I can't believe you made all that! You need to add party planner to your list of talents! Great!

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Love those treat bags! Thanks for visiting us!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What beautiful parties! Great job on decorating and creating such cool items!!! I can not wait to see this years!

Brenda said...

Great parties! Your decorations & treat bags are terrific! We are planning a Tinkerbell party for my daughter's 6th birthday and I will remeber yours!

Shelly said...

That was a lot of treat bags! You have big parties!! Both of them turned out great! Can't wait to see this year's party!

Natasha said...

Great parties! And your handmade decorations were beautiful!

Thank you for the sweet comments that you left on my blog.

Candice said...

How cute, and I love all the details. I bet your girls had such a great time. What a great fiests por sus ninas! My husband is Mexican so I try to speak spanish but I am not so great at it, my inlaws only speak spanish, I need more practice.