Friday, July 15, 2011

Visita al Dentista / Dentist Appointment

El miércoles fue nuestra cita en el dentista (recuerden que siempre vamos juntos). Como es usual aquí no existe el sistema de citas por hora, aquí es en el momento que llegas a la oficina te anotan y haces el turno. Con esto dicho quiero decir que estuvimos toda la tarde en la oficina. Las niñas estaban ansiosas por que las atendieran pero, cuando llegó el momento se pusieron a llorar y no querían que el Dr. las revisara. Así que entonces el Dr. optó por hacerme la limpieza a mí primero, luego Paola, después Pablo y por último, Sofia. De más está decir que hubo que forcejear con ella pero al final lo logramos.

Resultado: Cero caries (todos salimos bien) y una niñas felices con sus nuevos cepillos de dientes con Jesse de Toy Story. Y una película de Barbie Sirenita, cortesía de mami y papi, jaja.


Wednesday was our appointment with the dentist (remember that we always go together). As it is usual there is no hourly appointment system, here at the moment that you arrive at the office they put you on the waiting list and you'll have to wait your turn. With this said we were all the afternoon in the office. The girls were anxious because they wanted to in but when the moment arrived they started to cry and did not want the Dr. to check them. So then the Dr. opted for doing my cleaning first, then Paola, later Pablo and finally, Sofia. Needless to say there was some struggle with her but in the end it was done.

They turned out: Zero decay (we all turn out well) and happy girls with their new Jesse of Toy Story toothbrushes. And a new Mermaid Barbie movie, courtesy of mommy and daddy, haha.



Jeremi said...

yay for a great dentist appt! what a long wait ..... smart to do it as a family annie : )

do the girls like the mermaid movie? ella and zoe like parts of it but still don't like the 'mean' character. i think it's a really cute show.

have a great day, i'll email you back later : )

Harris Boys said...

the dentist is a hit or miss for most kids. sounds like they did ok!! yay for new toothbrushes!

Karen said...

The dreaded dentist appointment! Happy that it went well! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to checking our yours!

Jodee said...

Way to go! So glad your appointment went well.

Missy said...

Yay! So glad everything went well. My girls love that movie.