Saturday, July 2, 2011

Actividad Final del Campamento / Final Activity of Summer Camp

Hoy fue la actividad final del campamento de verano y mis niñas disfrutaron mucho. El grupo de ellas realizó tres bailes y era preciso ver como ellas se vivían la música. Definitivamente, fue un excelente campamento donde el deporte y las bellas artes eran el enfoque y ciertamente, eso hizo la diferencia.


Today was the final activity of summer camp and my girls enjoyed a lot. Their group made three dances and it was so cute to see how they lived the music. Definitely it was an excellent camp where sports and arts were the focus and certainly, that did the difference.


Ready to go

Before the show started

With their certificate

With Daddy

My dad, Pablo, the girls, my mom and my aunt Maria

With Miss Mirna

The girls with me

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Jeremi said...

that really looks like a super camp and great experience for the girls!! i love how they ended with the dance/celebration : ) you are so right, sports and the arts --- to great ways for kids to spend their summers!

great pics too annie!!