Saturday, July 30, 2011

Viernes y Sábado / Friday and Saturday

Estos pasados días no han sido de mucha diversión en nuestra casa. Creo que ya llevamos bastantes días vegetando,jajaja.

El jueves en la noche Paola tenía infección nasal y ayer se levantó vómitando, así que comenzamos a arreglarnos para llevarla al hospital ya que ella se deshitrada muy rápido. En el hospital estuvimos esperando casi dos horas para que el Dr. la viera. Gracias a Dios, se trató solo de una infección de garganta por que tiene que tomar antibiótico por los próximos cinco días.
Y hoy tampoco salimos, la razón pues desde temprano en la tarde comenzó a tronar fuerte y estaba bien nublado y con una niña enferma pues decidimos tampoco ir a la iglesia. Llevamos dos sábados sin poder ir debido a la lluvia.

Ya veremos que haremos mañana Domingo.


These days have not been of a lot of fun at home. I think we've been to many days vegetating, jajaja.

Thursday night Paola had a nasal infection and yesterday she woke up with naussea, so we took her to the hospital since she gets dehidrated very fast. In the hospital we waited for almost two hours for the doctor to see her. Thanks to God, it's just a throat infection so she has to take antibiotic for the next five days.

And today we did not went out either, the reason was because early in the afternoon there was some thunder and it was very cloudy and with a sick girl we decided not to go to church. We haven't been able to go the last two Saturdays due to the rain.

Let's see what we could do tomorrow Sunday.


Two cutes chefs ready to make pancakes with Daddy


Stiring the mix

One more photo, please!!!!!!!!!!!

Paola's turn

Now Sofia

No picture when they were eating because I was working out.

And tonight all of us had pedicures

Check her pink and red nail toes

Her selection was yellow and pink

My turn


(he enjoyed his pedicure, too)


Steph said...

Hope that Paola is feeling better soon! Yeah, sometimes we can veg too many days in a row too, for many different reasons. It will be fun when you can go out of the house again.

Love their chef hats! So cute!

Jeremi said...

i'm sorry paola has been sick --- i take it this time of year is the rainy season in PR? : )

i understand how antsy everyone can get when you're not able to get out and about, but you all sure do some fun family things at home too -- seeing the girls make pancakes with their daddy is great, and getting pedicures (daddy too) -- LOVE it!! : )

happy sunday, annie!

Caro said...

So cute that daddy plays along.