Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jueves / Thursday

Otro día más en que el trabajo no formó parte de nosotros. Las niñas y yo estuvimos hasta media tarde en nuestras pijamas, eso sí es comodidad. Yo cambie mi ropa cuando fue el momento de hacer ejercicios (sí, otra vez aborde el barco de los ejercicios) y la razón es por que en septiembre mi prima tendrá su quinceañero (fiesta de 15 años) y yo ya compré mi traje y necesito que me sirva para ese día al igual que cuando lo compré. Ahora solo me falta comprar los zapatos para mí y las cosas para las niñas ya que ellas serán parte del séquito.

Adicional a los ejercicios, comenzamos a preparar las cosas para el regreso a la escuela que es en una semana. No puedo creer que en poco tiempo tendré a mis niñas en Kindergarten. Más detalles después.


Another day
in which working did not form part of us. The girls and I kept our pajamas until mis afternoon, that is comfort. I changed my clothes when it was time to do exercises (yes, again I'm on the ship of the exercises) and the reason is because in September my cousin will have her fifteen-year-old party (quiceañero) and I already bought my dress and I need it to fit me that day just like when I bought him. Now all I need is to buy the shoes for me and the things for the girls since they will be part of the entourage.

Additional to the exercises, we begin to prepare the things for their return to school that is in a week. I cannot believe that in little time I will have my girls in Kindergarten. More details later.


Not always my living room looks nice,ha!!!

Chef Paola

Client Sofia waiting for her food

Working out with my partner Sofia. Check her weights

(poor Cinderella and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


Jayme said...

I love Sofia's weights! Too cute! What a funny girl :)

Jeremi said...

hi annie, i am so curious to hear about your girls' kindergarten ..... and in one week too! wow : )

i am always so impressed with how you commit to exercising, good for you! sounds like a fun party. but i really love your work-out partner and her weights : )

almost every room in our house winds up with lots of toys in it as the day progresses .....

take care!

Malena said...

Great post! PJ days are the best! Good for you, having a goal like that is awesome. I need to do that too, so so badly. Have a great weekend!

The Smiths said...

Doing good, Annie!!