Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Party for Thalia

Nuestro día fue estupendo ya que pasamos casi todo el día en la casa y a pesar de que estuvo lloviendo todo el día pudimos asistir a una fiesta de cumpleaños. Claro está, cuando la fiesta termino la lluvia era bastante pero, logramos salir. Las niñas pasaron un buen rato y eso definitivamente es lo más importante para nosotros.


Our day was stupendous since we spent almost all day at home and in spite of the fact that it was raining all day we were able to attend a birthday party. Like always, when the party ended it was raining very hard, still we managed to leave. The girls had a good time and that it the most important thing for us.


Waiting in line to have their faces painted for the first time

Sofia's turn

My beautiful butterfly

Paola's turn

My heart girl

First flower balloons

They ate chicken nuggets

After that, they played

Then it was cake time

Check my girls (left) and the cutest Princess Tiana, I mean Thalia.

It was a delicious cake. Both girls, ate cake twice.

PS: I hope by tomorrow the rain will go away.


Jeremi said...

what a fun birthday party annie : ) i bet your girls had fun! they sure look so sweet with their cute little painted faces ....

we've been having crazy heat in MN, very high temps 90's-100's, with really high humidity, and then some big rains too. you asked about our backyard, right now it's pretty green and lush in most areas, in part because of the rain and when it gets so hot we keep it longer and don't mow as often : )

and thank you so much for your nice comment. the sundress is a very simple, inexpensive one i got at target years ago and is one of my favorites. very comfortable.

have a super sunday dear friend!

The Smiths said...

Looks like LOTS of fun!!

I'm kinda jealous y'all got rain...send some to TEXAS!! I'll gladly appreciate it! :)