Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary - 12 years

Hoy se cumplen 12 años en que nos juramos amor eterno. Como todo en la vida hemos tenido nuestros grandes momentos y los momentos difíciles en los cuáles hemos aprendido muchas cosas. Gracias a Dios, por habernos permitido conocernos y formar nuestra familia. Estamos listos para celebrar muchos años más y aprender cada día más en pareja.

Te amo, Pablo.


Today it's our 12th years anniversary in which we swear eternal love. As all things in life we have had our great moments and difficult moments in which we have learned many things. Thanks to God, who lets us be together and have our family. We are ready to celebrate many years more and to learn each day more as a couple.

Love you, Pablo!!



Malena said...

Happy Anniversary! You look so young! Hope you have a wonderful day!

PS. Who are all the kids in the picture? :)

Mighty M said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love the wedding pictures. ;)

Caro said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Harris Boys said...

awww happy anniversary! wow! 12 years...heres to many more happy years together!

Annie said...

Thank you girls!!!! I really appreciate your comments.

Malena: The boy is my cousin and all the girls are daughters of my mom ex co-workers, my boss (ex boss) and Pablo's co-workers.

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Annie, what beautiful photos! Happy Happy Anniversary, and many many more. :)

Jeremi said...

LOVE your wedding pics annie : ) happy belated anniversary! you looked like a princess and pablo looked so happy and proud! lovely ~